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mail order salvia cuttings?

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Hey all,

I've always wanted to grow my own salvia plant. Buying a handful of seeds for an exorbitant sum seems like a scam, especially since I hear the seeds are finnicky. There is an option here in Canada to order rooted cuttings through the post... is this a good idea? And how should such a plant be cared for once it arrives?

I don't have the connections to procure a cutting from an acquaintance, hence why I'm looking online.
I have received a plant through my local post which spent about 3-4 days in transit. It was quite wilted and took a long while to recover. It is recommended to keep it in a humidity dome especially after shipping but it can be slowly acclimatized if that is wanted.

The number one thing I would say to take care of the plant is to NOT overwater it. Provide a well-draining soil and wait until it starts slightly wilting from thirst before you water it. It is quite an easy plant to grow and propagates but give it too much water and it will die of rot. Unfortunately, this is exactly what happened to my plant after I had left it in the care of a friend while away from home.

I would recommend checking out The Salvia Grower's Guide
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