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Making ayahuasca with dry chacruna. Help please

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Hi. Anyone out there have experience using dry chacruna leaf and caapi?
I have been having problems. The dmt content is not high enough in the final brew. Am I extracting it properly?
I need to know.... what ratio vine:dry leaf
....... Extracting the leaf separately.......How hot, how long to cook it for, how many extractions, how much vinegar to use?
Any tips on reducing to its final consistency?
Any advice on what to be careful about? I'm struggling to make a tea with enough dmt effect. My experiments with mimosa and acacia have been very good. I'm aware I don't understand the method with dry chacruna.
Thank you very much.
How much of the chacruna leaf are you using?

From what I remember, the alkaloid content in Chacruna leaves are much much less than the amount in the bark. Meaning it would take quite a lot of leaves.

I'm also curious if it's worth the time to brew tea from the chacruna leaves.
Most of the dried chacruna is not that strong. Something like 50 grams of dried leaves is a pretty standard amount.

There is some very potent hawaian chacruna around though, that only requires about half as much.
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