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Making Yopo Question

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A psychodelic donkey want to make himself yopo snuff from the seeds,
in the forum there are 2 ways of making it:
1. inner seed with the shells and 2. without the shell and only the seeds inside the shells,
wich you recomand more?

and for the base, the donkey have acsess to many bases, potassium sodium and calcium hydroxide, s.carbonate, and he also have Chicha ash that he bought for Ha-peh snuff making and espasially good for coca and yopo cause' its have high lime content.
the donkey prefer to use the more naturally base *chicha* for the yopo snuff and dont know if this ash are equal in dose to the other bases, about 1/3 of the grounded inner/whole seeds.
I think youll be good with this chicha ashes at 1/3. And ratios can varie. I make my own râpé or yopo or even done the coca mix and it all worked with different bases. But some are more edible or easy than others. And if you dont add at all or too little its true that it doesnt work at all or too little.
Go for this. And try little batch first. Have fun with your donkey.
rOm thanks for the quick reply :)

so the donkey rost 1g of the seeds for 3 min until they dont pop anymore,
ground them whole with morter and pastel, add 1/3 eyeball chicha and faw drops of h2o.
now for the food dehydrator until complete dry and the psychodelic donkey will update as soon as possible :)

the donkey notice that when the seeds popping its smells like popcorn and when its grounded its smell like grounded black coffee, that sounds ok or the rosting is a bit too much?

and for the dosage, the donkey regular to eyeball Ha-peh dosage, same thing with yopo is ok?
first atemt yield nothing basiclly, a little color change in open eyes, that you can get when looking at the sun for a min...not noticable one...

now the donkey triple the ash part in the ground mixture, add more drops of water until it creamy and dehydrator again, update soone :)

bwt its really not burn in the nazels like everyone said...maybe cause the donkey snuff Ha-peh on dayli bases or the ash content was low..
after faw minute the donkey feel hes forthhead a bit strange and his upper head
careful as eyeballing ashes or ground seeds isnt the same at all. Ashes are lighter by volume than seeds. So if you just do volume eyeballing you'rre way off. Your donkey should get a scale. its the base.
you could also ask quesitons and say "asking ofr a friend " lol noone will believe a donkey is anyone but you :p Its like SWIM and my cat smoking dmt... not gonna work in court. At best you'll go to psychaityric jail with that lol jokin
mmm got ya!.. so for 1g of seeds he should use 0.33g of ash?

and about the donkey :) you right its me, but the tought about psychodelic donkey is fun :)
update: second atemt yield also nothing, after tripled the ash to be 1:1 by volume.
mmm now i really feel like a donkey after thos atemtions :)

i did notice that when the snuff hit the nazels, its has aroma of burnt stuff, maybe i burn the seeds in the rosting?
3rd atempt, now i followed nexus recipe and use 1g of seeds and 0.33 of calcium hydroxyde, but still yield nothing,
im feeling it strange on the head like a heavy helmet but nothing visual so far...

maybe the seeds are low quality, maybe i dont make it as it should or maybe its not meant to be right now...
I've had excellent results using hydrated lime from Asian cooking stores. It comes as you would expect, hydrated as a paste. When mixing the lime and roasted and ground seed, you should expect to smell the reactions occuring with a slight ammonia whiff.
Not sure. That's often what I was gettting most was physcial incomfort. So maybe that's just the bodyload you get. I never did breakthrough with any bufotenin extracted or not.
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