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MAOI advice

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Hey guys, need some advice for tonight. I going to be dosing 2 grams of P. cyanescens, 400mg/200mg THC/CBD, kava, and red vein kratom. I've researched thoroughly and came to the conclusion that MAOI's can be used safely with both kratom and kava (kava even having MAOI activity of it's own).

My question however, is since i'm out of rue, could higher-dose passionflower be used as an semi-acceptable MAOI?

Thanks in advance!
to the op regarding maoi, depends on what you mean exactly by 'semi acceptable' maoi

from what i've read here and other places passionflower seems relatively low in alkaloids, as far as inhibition goes.

now if you just wanted a small potentiation then passionflower might be a nice addition, though for any decent level of inhibition ..i'd probably restock up on rue seeds

**be cautious on mixing the mitragyna speciosa with maoi, mitragyna has a fairly powerful effect on opiod receptors and that's aside from it's effect/s also on the andrenergic system, serotonergic ,etc
I have been drinking Kava after over 100g Caapi dosages.. without any side effect. But after reading "here and there" it seems advisable not to mix them. The Kava is pretty hard on the liver as well.
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