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MAOI and Smoked DMT

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About an hour ago I started my first foray using an MAOI. I had about 6 DMT experiences before, all smoked. I have some harmaline tincture 5X. The directions say 3-5 dropper-fulls. The dropper only pulls about 1/2 way up, so I did three of those "half-droppers", in water, drank over about 10 mins.

At 7:15, I smoked between 15-20mg of yellow DMT. I can say it was about twice as intense as without it, but nothing I can't handle. Broke through like I did the time before without the MAOI. I would do oral method but it takes way more DMT and I don't want to go through what I have too quickly. Wanted an MAOI experience on the smaller 15mg doses first to see how it fits me. Still didn't feel though that I was shot out of a cannon. In fact I was asking "where's the cannon (meaning feeling)?"

Still had residual OEV effects until about 7:30, so experience lasted about 15 mins which is twice the normal. That was on the low dose according to the label. Definitely potentates the DMT. When I looked at my textured ceiling, it was fluid and swirling, darker and lighter. I saw clearly a red dragon morph into a cute pinkish alligator into a reddish puppy dog that I was like "awwww". Then it was like telling me stories as it got darker and looked like a nighttime sky. Very interesting to say the least.

I saw people there, hussle-bussle, busy, paying me no attention. Like outdoors outside of a movie studio. I remember the blue sky. But it seemed rather unimportant when I was there. I guess I was on the edge of thinking I'd be stuck there, but it wasn't good or bad thoughts. Just matter of fact.

I guess it was almost too much like the real world that I was a little bored, or maybe didn't have time to adapt to what was happening. Think I sensed some clowns there again, but nothing for sure.

Either way, even an hour later I'm still a tad bit shaky cause still coming back. In all, loved the experience. But you don't really appreciate it until it's over. That's pretty sad in a way. I'd love to "give way to amazement", but to me it seems like no big deal.

In all, prefer the MAOI experience. Much more intense, but I like that. Lasts longer which is also excellent.

Oh, and I only took one hit, to maybe 90% lung capacity but I took it in slow.
Nice report, another confirmation that this is a great combo.
I did it once (first S.H.E.) and I recognize many things: fluid swirling shapes, about twice as intense, increased duration, entities.

Perhaps a slightly higher dose of tincture would cause the DMT to last even longer.
Thanks for writing it down and greetings to the elves next time ;)
Yes you can buy it. It is legal. You can also buy pure harmaline, harmine, and tetrahydroharmine. None of these are illegal (except in a few overly paranoid countries). International law allows them to be sold. They are not analogs of any illegal drugs.

The official legal status on these drugs is that they have no potential for abuse, and they can’t be used to make illegal drugs either, and so they are not even watched chemicals. They are like theobromine: not illegal, and no one cares about them.

SWIM was rather surprised when he first tried harmaline and got a visionary experience from it. After all, it’s legal. How it escaped being classified, I’m not quite sure. But I’m glad its not.
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