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mapping hyperspace


Well said corpus. Distractions are something I've struggled with during breakthroughs and every experience brings me closer to the 'true' reality of the experience. Like you said, surrendering all preconceived notions sheds new light on the situation. It's a difficult task but very much rewarding. Your words helped solidify an idea that's been floating in my mind, thank you for your sagaciousness.
polytrip said:
Eden said:
The afterlife possibility is certainly fun to entertain, but it may be worth considering the history of dmt(+aya) usage.

Is there even a single report of death? (that has no physical diagnosis such as heart or arterial issues)

There are several extreme reports, Vovin's phoenix experiment for one, that followed the typical: under the influence --> no longer under the influence, and eventual recovery.
where can i find the report of that phoenix experiment?

The experience brought about what I now call ego death there are other ways to get there as many of the veterans have either brushed upon this domain beyond the others side and the result most will tell you they have no desire to carry forward with the spice. It is by no shape or means a pleasant experience.

I perceive 3 levels pre-0breakthru , breakthru , and the abyss. It is rather rare I might say 1 in 100 and only under the most extreme circumstances can you enter the third level. although I have read of it surprising people for no reason. Furthermore I found that a bright flashlight can change the channel on the experience most effectively used when eyes are closed through the eyelids. The fractals take on a different theme.
^I like to sit in the sunlight with my eyes closed and smoke sometimes vovin. Also ayahuasca can be nice with full blown sunlight on my closed eyelids. I used to take mushrooms and sit in a pitch black room, and when they fully kicked in I would get up and go over to the light switch, close my eyes facing the light and turn it on. The effects of the light shining onto my eyelids suddenly after being used to the dark was amazing. I even do this to this day sometimes when I get up in the middle of the night for some water or whatever..I stand in the kitchen and close my eyes and flick on the switch and I get amazing fractals even when I have taken nothing at all.
Yea i ^ also like the dark,i have done this and when i put lights on, it lights everything up for me, its a great feeling and sometimes when you are you are deep in and can see clearly you get this feeling of I Am Here. :)
I like the idea of mapping Hyperspace, and as a conceptual idea, the multidimensional fractal with a black hole center is as good as any. I have been drawn to Rob Bryanton's 10 dimensional explanation, and we have talked about it in other threads. I will put a youtube video explaining it below.

I find that actually mapping a place, though, requires sending people to the places and surveying it methodically. Conceptual maps of mythic lands give way to topographical maps with accurate placements of rivers and mountains and lakes etc.

SWIM finds that with DMT, there are distinct rooms (or networks of morphing rooms with similar aesthetics), and spaces that share some fundamental aspects... not the least of which being the nature and look of the entities one encounters there.

The blue vs. gold spaces described in a post above are also very familiar to SWIM. They may have something to do with the amount of light reaching SWIM's closed eyes as suggested here. This may be why the tilting of the head makes a difference. SWIM also notices that pure white spice can lead to a bluer and more clinical space with more sci-fi like entities... more yellow and jungle spice tends to add oranges and purples to the mix and leads to a more emotionally welcoming space with more friendly entities.

I would guess that the combination of spice type with light creates the end result. Also, squinting or squeezing one's eyes tighter can change the focus and the dimension perceived. SWIM is able to be in one place, squeeze his eyes and go somewhere else with other entities there, release his eyes and return to the original space. In fact, different levels of squint can result in different interim spaces. With some control, he can actually tune into 8 or 9 distinct channels in this way. This could be an important tool for others trying to navigate.

Here is the video I mentioned:

ok i just found a scientific chart to accurately map out what happens when dmt is smoked


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In my Systematization of Hyperspace thread, I unfold my map of hyperspace throughout the thread. It definitely resonates in some way with Hyperspace Fool's earlier response

Hyperspace Fool said:
SWIM finds that with DMT, there are distinct rooms (or networks of morphing rooms with similar aesthetics), and spaces that share some fundamental aspects... not the least of which being the nature and look of the entities one encounters there.
Reviving a multi year old thread

Techno hyper organic environment, hollow though full [full of light and dimension/less/ness], domed[massive/layered], some of it leading through endless pillared halls [egyptian, iranian], catacomb-like [sometimes] [always some sort of place].

Everything of endless hyper-digitized fluidity, including the beings, though distinct, they are made from the same weave as the rest of it, sometimes distant, sometimes shuffling out of vision only to pop up directly in front of my awareness, arms waving, heads spinning, shape shifting, along with their environment.

Never still for a moment, always in motion. And at a moment you try to pin any part, it's like sticking your finger in a steady stream of many directions and angles, only for it to work around your finger, consuming it, continuing to do its thing.

The speed of all this is something that I could always just witness, too much happening too fast typically to fall on any one part, so all I can do is sit there and witness [and eventually become all that im witnessing].
To add to my above post.

Alot of times it feels like im on a guided tour of sorts. What chooses to come out in the open seems to change up many times during the experience, random scenes and imagery - a kid jumping up and down, a mother and father walking, random people standing far off on a distinct grassy hilltop, a medicine man dancing with a headdress - all these examples will come and go during the experience. These random scenes and imagery are embedded throughout the experience and are made of the same qualities as the experience, though distinctly different when they come about during while the experience is happening. Also, these examples I gave above are just a tiny slot of the actual amount of things i've seen in the context of 'actual geographies, people, objects and places.

The people, places, etc that I've encountered are distinct from the entities/intelligences that can come, they're like short clips of scenes, shown just for that instance to impart certain feelings, emotions or thoughts, many times reverberating many-fold with several different forms of meaning and/or feeling. Sometimes they stand out so clearly I could almost say that they manifest into a full and actual scene [bordering an full flesh and bones detail], though they always stay seem to stay clothed in the hyperspatial flavor, never losing the qualities to where they all came from, on top of always switching up or flowing into some other form or potential area of hyperspace and/or distinct scene.

Sometimes it's hard to tell apart the entities/intelligences that can come forth and these individuated scenes that can momentarily occupy parts of the experience, being that they're both of one and the same essence[hyperspace].
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