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March 19th in memory of Owsley - After thoughts?

Ellis D'Empty

So, in response to this mans death, I and a few friends are all going to dose up this Saturday. We will be smoking a DMT/Salvia mixed joint later in the evening (probably around 8 CET).

If anyone would like to join in, please do, good vibes and much love will be in hyperspace that day, and maybe we will meet up :)


EDIT: It was such a profound and spiritual awakening that I would love to hear others comments/reports on this night.
Owsley is dead? Oh my fucking God! I planned to wrote him a letter! R. I. P., Bear! Wait for me in hyperspace! Peace, man... You are the greatest, dude...
Jorkest calculated the Galactic Signature from the Tzolkin for this day and this is what the 19th is:

Tzolkin said:
Red Resonant Serpent
White Northern Castle of Crossing
Earth family- Polar Clan- Blood
Galactic Activation Portal
I channel in order to survive
Inspiring instinct
I seal the store of life force
With the resonant tone of attunement
I am guided by the power of navigation
I am a galactic activation portal enter me
So not only is this a portal day, the "enter me" is also a clear sign no? ;)

Kind regards,

The Traveler
So many 'coincidences' this date, it sure feels like a truly perfect day for a SHE. Super fullmoons, galactic portals inside yourself and what not. I'm looking forward to it!
It's the equinox the next day also my mayan calender numbers... right inbetween 11 & 12 I was born. And yes the moon seems delightful. Ayahuasca last year mentioned the equinox... a word used enthusiastically by those rambling voices in the back of my head during the trip. I'll be drinking Aya. I hope for galactic revelation...
I can't dose up this Saturday, however, I'll be assisting in opening the Rabbit Hole here in California at the Beyond Wonderland festival.

My good thoughts and positive vibes will be sent to all during this event.

If anyone is in attendance, come say "Hi" - Queens Castle light booth.
Coincidentally, SWIM happened to take a strong dose of lsd earlier this day. It was a profound experience for me, and a few close friends consumed mushrooms for their first time earlier this evening. Awesome experience tonight, the moons presence no doubt played a part in all our experiences earlier this evening. Cheers to all who are presently traversing their consciousness. Cheers to Owsley. Cheers to life.
So... was it just me and my friends who felt the power last night?

I meditated for the first time, for probably 4-5 hrs... Mind blowing, beautiful never-ending fractal patterns, such glorious behind the seen self-realizations as well. At one point in the night I got in such a panic, as if my body was ripping apart from the information I gathered and was starting to shut down. I had to take a seat, drink some water, and collect myself more than once.

I had such a profound and spiritual journey, I couldn't help but think about everyone else who was on the journey last night, and how they faired.

I went to COSM and shared the evening heart-melting with a bunch of vibrant, glowing people. Owsley was mentioned numerous times during the ceremony. :)
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