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mathematical theories on hallucination patterns

Migrated topic.
Very interesting read.

He noted recurring patterns that bore a striking resemblance to shapes commonly found in ancient cave drawings and in the paintings of Joan Miró, and he speculated that perhaps they were innate to human vision.

I myself have wondered many times why I see the same patterns every time I come down from an acid trip. They look like the attached. Circular patterns with hieroglyphic shapes in the inner and outer rings. They are on every flat surface I look at, including the sky.

And I too have thought that they are imprinted deep into my brain from ancient times. Descending the DNA ladder down to the very first humans. Or maybe even before that.

It is amazing nonetheless how many people have reported seeing the exact same shapes as me. So far I've asked around 30 people, and 25 of them confirmed the same shapes.

Thanks for sharing burnt! Makes you think...

Much love. :love:


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Glad you liked the article. I'm not really a math person so that is above my head but I thought this was super interesting:

But when higher cognitive functions kick in, such as memory, he said, “you start to see more complex hallucinations and you try and make sense of them. I believe that all you’re seeing is the spontaneous emergence of [stored memories] as the higher brain areas become more excited.”

I think higher doses of DMT get into this realm.
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