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MAX ION - Acid Bath

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Hello! So SWIM has MHRB sitting in an acid bath at room temperature. SWIM needs to get more supplies and won't be able to continue the extraction for a couple days. Is it OK to leave the MHRB sitting in its current state without fear of effecting the final extraction's success?
I left my acid brew sit for a week and it had mold growing on the top of it (not inside of it). The basification kills all the mold but I read on this forum that mold still produces toxins that get taken up by the naphtha and end up in your product but I personally assumed there wouldn't be enough mold to produce that much toxins. ntced.org/diagnosing-mold-exposure/endotoxins/
I was surprised once to find mold growing on my acidic solution as well after it had been sitting for several weeks, especially since vinegar is supposedly effective in killing/preventing mold growth. This is perhaps the only risk to letting your acidic soup sit around for a while but it's really not that big of a deal. I just reheated it in a water bath for about an hour, cooled and then added salt and lye. Pulls came out fine and the spice didn't make me sick or anything. Maybe this would be an issue if one has specific mold allergies but the phenomenon seems otherwise to be harmless.
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