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MDA comes from a plant?

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I read somewhere that MDA can be made from a plant. Since spice is also, SWIM wants to extract pure mda from the plant, but he can't remember what it is called.

Can someone help?
I think maybe a precursor comes from a plant, some chemical processes need to be carried out to yield pure mda I believe. Would be awesome if I was wrong though.
Anyone here ever try it? I had some MDMA once that seemed quite visual, it was blue with an egyptian eye on it..I always wondered if it had some other MD__ in it.
So I looked it up some more. It comes from sassafras. Which has a chemical that your body turns into MDA in the liver.

So you can either buy that and eat it for MDA or....go through a long and hard chemical process and make MDA.
You actually have to convert it first by getting the volatile oil out of the tree(which is somewhat complex and low yielding I read), then converting to MDMA. Safrole oil is illegal it's a List 1 chemical and Safrole is listed as a Table I precursor under the United Nations Convention Against Illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances. I don't think you can just drink it I could be wrong though doesn't sound appealing drinking oil though.
isosafrole can be converted to MDA or MDMA via a two step rxn. This requires laboratory chemicals that are not easily obtained and a reasonable degree of chemistry skill. It is far from a simple extraction.

The root bark of sassafras contains about 10% essential oils (high end of spectrum) which about 80 - 90% is safrole. It can be isolated by steam distillation. Isosafrole is obtained by isomerizing safrole.
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