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mdma before ayahuasca

Migrated topic.
bionecrosis said:
What is should be thd diferrence,should be same.The stomatch disolv anyyhing.
It's not the same. The stomach does not dissolve everything. It does some predigestion and it neutralizes some pathogenic microorganisms. It does not do a very effective extraction of whole seeds or fibrous roots. It takes several prolonged boilings to get a decent extract.

bionecrosis said:
People on other forums say that it is due rue stop qcting.
I don't know what other people said or on what forum. All I know is what you say here and I do know that it is not correct.

bionecrosis said:
Can I boil mimosa for 1h with 1lemon and dring 10min after 4gr rue.
You must combine both as a brew for optimum effect. That is also what the people in the amazon rain forest have been doing for ages. We have been over it at this forum many times. Ingesting raw plants is a bad idea, based on wrong info that keeps being repeated despite being WRONG.
Tody I get 52.3gr mimosa and 25gr rue.My first idea was boil all together and prepare 5 doses.But now I decided brew just 3.25 gr rue with 8gr mimosa and after this decide what ratio to use the next times.Will keep up do date.First boil now.3x35 min boil
Actualy the last night I slept less than 6h I have hedache now and my blood presion is 140.I took garlic to lower the blood presoin and probably for what I see there is tyramine in it.I think will do it tomorrow.
Actualy my friend brew same as me 9gr mimosa and 3.5gr rue.Almosf 3x 30 min wih lemon juice and didnt get effect.Only minor nause and very very weak dmt feeling.
For me didnt worked also now here is min 52 and have very little visions typing the phone.3.25 gr rue and 8.5 gr mhrb fine shatered three boils with lemon juice and vinager for 35min each.Slow boiling only the last 1 kept in hard boil.Nothing heppend.The stuff ia good sourced.Feeling little dazy with nausea.
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