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MDMA-like effects from 5-HTP?

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I notice that taking around 300mg of 5-HTP can be like a mild MDMA-trip for me.

It shows most when being around people, feeling so much love for everyone (incl. myself). Can be quite anxiolytic due to that as well (there is still some social anxiety in this body-mind). It's a focus thing also, and being open for it .. so can be tuned in and out.

It seems to allow for really seeing the other without conditioning, and maybe that is basically seeing yourSelf in the "other".

I wonder if this is "normal" or due to my prior exposure to Psychedelics and MDMA. Having a somewhat altered brain perhaps, being more sensitive to substances in general.

In any case it seems like a great alternative, since I don't really notice any kind of crash and assume its way safer than taking a medium dose of MDMA.
Yep, I'd compare it to a very mild MDMA, with a peak of 20-40 minutes...more or less. The 5HTP I have has a lot of leaf extracts in it aswell. I mean we are talking about an extreme sense of joy, enough to explode in laughter and smile for no reason.
I wonder if anyone has tried smoking 5-HTP?
Probably, but it's pointless since it's an amino acid that decomposes without useful volatilisation. We have no way of predicting how it might affect the body if put into e-juice and 'vaped' in something like an RDA, but that would at least circumvent the decomposition issue. There may be unknown dangers in attepting this so there's no way I'd recommend it.

5-HTP is a serotonin precursor; perceived empathogenic and anti-stress effects likely stem from this rather than any intrinsic psychoactivity from the 5-HTP itself.
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