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Meditation and TM - Where to begin?

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Hi everyone,

I'm interested in beginning regular meditation and I'm seeking some advice for where to start.

Is this something you can learn from a book/video, or do you really need to take lessons from a teacher?

I've read a bit about transcendental meditation, but haven't really discovered what the difference is from other forms of meditation. The fees for TM classes are quite high and I was concerned the international network of TM classes was perhaps some bogus scheme set up to attract the rich.

Any advice from actual practitioners would be great, as opposed to reading website after website (lazy as that sounds).

You can definitely learn meditation from a book, though experienced teachers can help with individualized advice. The individualized advice really isn't that big of a deal, until Insight practice has started developing. Even though not a Buddhist, I would suggest the Dharma Overground as a very experienced community of meditators. They have an extremely useful wiki that hosts one of my favorite Dharma texts, Mastering the Core Teachings of the Buddha.

Raja Yoga by Swami Vivekananda helped me at the very beginning of my meditation practice and provides all the useful information on meditation that you would receive from a TM class, minus the indoctrination. It focuses on concentration meditation, which lays a foundation for the different practice of insight meditation.
Yeah, spot on ragabr! Experience and exploring is the best way to go. Some guru or other knowledgeable person may learn you the practical aspect, but the real treasure is to be found by experiencing it yourself. It really is all about breath, breathe deep and slow while you hold focus on your breath. If thoughts come flying, just allow them to gently be there, but keep your focus on the breath.

When you are more experienced there's lots of other ways to meditate, again it is all about focus. You can keep the focus at a sound, a thought, bodily sensations or any combination. A very simple and down-to-earth book about the subject is Teach Yourself to Meditate by Eric Harrison, which features over 20 different techniques that are easily learnt and when integrated will prove very efficient.

Good luck my man! :)
Personally I believe this subject is best approached with a healthy degree of scepticism, as there are many charlatans who want to cash in on your desire for self improvement. TM (Transcendental Meditation) is a scam. Some may even go as far as calling it a cult. I have no experience with the organisation but I have read about it. They believe that once they reach 'the 3rd level' they will literally be capable of flying, no less. Yes, flying with no mechanical aids, levitation, whatever you want to call it. Astonishing as it is, this is their actual belief! I would stay well away from this bunch of predators. All they want is your money. Then more of your money. Then your family's money.. Please, research them thoroughly if you still decide to bite.

Yeah there's really infinite ways to go about meditating. Just take your time and have patience..and FUN :) Most methods seem to emphasis a slow and relaxed breathe-pranayama, for example, is very useful. Some use visualizing; like triangles, healing, world peace ect..many focus on entering "higher states" by various methods..or focus on becoming nothing at all and clearing the mind. Others use their imagination as a tool to enter strange places. Some use an odd combo of these and countless others with their own personal flavor added.

Its really fun just to scour the internet for all the wacky ways people meditate and see what works for you, in what situation, for what purpose..like creating your own methods by sampling whats used by different religions, webistes, people, roshis ect..and extracting what you like into your own tackle box :d
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