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Meditation: what mindstates can it really induce?

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Distracted PM'd me this, being in the nursery at the moment.
Distracted said:
since i'm new and can't post in your thread, I figured I could at least drop you a pm about something that happened to me last night while meditating. Smile

I've only been practicing the art for several months now but find that I intuitvley know how to progress, that is when I manage to eliminate my expectations and watch what is going on in my body/mind without interfering.

Over the last few months I have discovered the every vibrating energy that makes up everything, and is an explanation for the spiritual, simply by breathing it in and watching it heal, then I discovered how to open the chakra at the base of my spine, send it flowing upwards and have it envelope me, then I began finding other chakras on my body and learning how to control the energies within me, because even though I breathe it in, I find it to be a part of myself since all life is connected in this way, a universal consciousness if you will. It is a part of me as long as I understand that I am a piece of everything else, and am as equally unimportant as I am unique.

But anyway, skipping to what happened last night, I had been charging what I perceived to be energy within myself and then had a vision (something like Hypnagogic imagery while sleeping) of myself climbing down a rope ladder in darkness, then touching the bottom. I then proceeded to look around and see myself on a beach with large rock formations around me and in the water, and a large blue moon setting in the distance over the water. But what was amazing was that my perception that since this was my thought the I could clearly identify that in this location, the universal consciousness was strongly present and all around me. Then I perceived the energies thickly and saw "everyone/ all that is" reaching a higher vibrations and stepping out into the water. I felt our arms interlink and felt our chakras reaching out and touching and molding together. I felt intense love, which to me isn't so much a romantic concept, but a background emotion when we tap into connectedness we share with things external to ourselves. After lingering like this vibrating at an even higher level for quite a while I decide to awaken, and couldn't wipe the smile of my face. The perception of the universal consciousness I realized was going on constantly all around us at all times, it's simply about accepting, and tapping into this which can be difficult with all the distractions going on around us.

Sorry I rambled a bit Razz it's just difficult to put this into words. It was an OBE or a CEV but more strongly enhanced imagination, but the power/emotion felt was very very real, and just goes to strengthen the beliefs I've begun to develop about spirituality and the universal consciousness as of late.

Feel free to post this in the thread if you see fit, I just thought this was worth sharing, as it was truly a profound moment of realization. May not have "felt" like I was there like when using certain substances, but certainly the feeling of "truth" behind it was just as present.
Anyone interested in a Theravada Buddhist explanation of that event is well-advised to consult Mastering the Core Teachings of the Buddha (mentioned above), specifically the section on the progression of insight. You described an A&P event, which happens in the Knowledge of Arising and Passing Away stage. Interestingly, this is one of the most common meditative events triggered by psychedelics, and there are all kinds of stories on this very forum of people having A&P events because of DMT.
Thanks to those who recommended MCTB. Finally got around to reading it, I think a lot of the members on here would find it interesting and useful. The Progress of Insight is indeed a particularly interesting framework.
My 2 cents: Meditation is a very powerful spiritual technique that our western society has yet to fully understand.
A word of warning: Meditation while under the guidance of entheogens can be dangerous. I have watched a close personal friend's joints lock up while using controlled breathing meditation under the influence of an MAOI+DMT smoke session. These practices are extremely insightful, yet if used by an inexperienced user in an altered state, one can take their spirit to a place it isn't supposed to be. However i feel that meditation goes hand in hand with my personal psychedelic experience, but i would like to let people know to exercise caution in this area of self-exploration.
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