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Meeting Other Travelers (Human) in Hyperspace

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My friend has noticed that he has never met another traveler while in hyperspace?

Has anyone had any contact with other travelers while in space?
My friend sometimes does (up to three people at times), but has never seen anyone else with him.
this is intresting
does the dead count
swim told me of seeing his father in the room with him
sitting on the couch across from him before the worm holes came

as well as swims friends journy
where here guide was a friend who passed away
a month before
swim also had a meeting with a dead friend that took place years after there death

swims also has a guide (has three that rotate so to speak) who is human at least looking

but as far as some one alive and travling with
no not yet
I've met many different kinds of life in hyperspace, but I'm not sure if any of them were travellers. The closest i've come to meeting a human was with a strange blend of dmt and brugmansia; i ended up in a field at nighttime (but i could see the grass was green, the tree trunk was brown) and there were these two boys who were completely human although living in an entirely different world. One had me mesmorized by some trick with a milkshake and straw. All the emotions and interactions they showed were completely human also. But still I got the sense that I was in there place, I am yet to see someone on there who looks as astonished and dumbfounded as I usually do

once an acquaintance loaded up a large amount of spice and smoked it all. Their eyes closed, and the 'pulse' or whatever followed around and over their eyes until actually pushing the eyes open and integrating the inner and outer worlds.

At this point the pulse began to follow around the room, before going back behind and around eyelids and thoughts...and strange sounds were being spoken communicating some sort of of hyperspatial telepathy...kind of like a mental internet...

it was crazy....it felt like the aquantance's idea of god at the time... :D
rainbowserpent said:
..Their eyes closed, and the 'pulse' or whatever followed around and over their eyes until actually pushing the eyes open and integrating the inner and outer worlds.

Wow, exact same thing happened to me once

Eyes closed it was so strong but minimal visuals, i was laying down and was about to throw up from the intensity so i sat up and freaked out a little, but then i looked in front of me (eyes wide open) to find this time that they had come into my world. My room didn't look that distorted given how fucked i was, but in my room was clear as day a universe, like a biiiiiig fucking bubble, and inside it was an at least 20 story tall sphinxy looking egyptian thing with around thirty little blue guys running around hectically. These guys had no facial features but appeared more as neon blue auras. It was really interesting because they were running around like they had no idea where the fuck the were or how they got there, one came right up to me just looked at me for a bit and he looked so worried, then he ran off and just ran around the room for a while (all still inside their bubble). This lasted for about a minute and then the bubble slowly turned black and then collapsed in on itself

out of hundreds of breakthroughs, this was the only one like it
just had to share that!
I've heard so many times of "blue guys" - of blue-fractal-elves, blue-gumby, blue -dwarfs, or the "blue digital dudes.." that my buddy always talks about. His line is "did you see them.?!" he always asks... " the blue guys in digital land..!?"
Coschi said:
These guys had no facial features but appeared more as neon blue auras. It was really interesting because they were running around like they had no idea where the fuck the were or how they got there, one came right up to me just looked at me for a bit and he looked so worried, then he ran off and just ran around the room for a while (all still inside their bubble).

What intrigues me is the fact you state they had no facial features but one of them looked very worried. I know the feeling of "just knowing" but it somehow gives me a good feeling to know this happens to other people as well.
my parrot had an experience he wrote down in his "experiment diary"..this is only a caption of this particular experiment....he told me it was on a peyote tea mix...he also told me he and his fellow parrots consumed way too much tea which made the trip at times very unbearable...heres what was written...." ....suddenly im transported to a western town,like what you would see in an old California gold rush film,but this town was inside what appears to be a giant dome. To my surprise there are entities here...alot of them...they are dressed in western garb...WOW..ive traveled to the old west...i keep being transported to different parts of this town,but im not walking..im being blasted through hyperspace tunnels that take me like 100 feet away from where i was previously....i was blasted in front of a building,which appears to have my face on a "wanted" poster...i cant believe it...what did i do...my mind is being psychofucked at this point...all the bad things i have done in my life are being raced through my mind....so here i stand in front of this poster and all the entities are going about their business as usual....finally i try to communicate with them,but they dont see me....i cant describe the entities well...they dont have faces..or skin...its more like an orb..or ball of energy...but its funny because they are clothed...but why dont they see me ? ..im starting not to like it here...i feel like a criminal..i feel guilty..." my parrot tells me,he visits this place again,later on in his trip.....
hello acolon-5. yeah thats funny swim has been thinking about that herself.
especially when you see all the people on the nexus who do it. its a wonder we dont bump
into each other.but swim has on many occasions seen all her family walking in the door even my dad who is dead but with rest of the living members. and she also say to them in my trip hey how did you get here so fast. they never answere but just sit down beside her.
one time in her trip she was confused were her little baby was and the next thing he was sitting on her sisters knee and he said hello mummy. he is only 4mts old.of course neither was really there but she felt reasured.but she has not really seen other humans in these other dimensions. Only family. It would be interesting to meet others and swim does think its possible if you meditate.
Was having a conversation the other night and it reminded me of this thread, and an experience I had forgot all about it when i first read this anyhoo.

Id had a few beers one night with two friends and plucked up the courage to really go for it. I smoked it then I dropped the bong, apparantly, then I found myself in this misty place and I wondered where I was and what I was doing there, then I started shouting on my friend like panicking and was wondering where he was and where I was. He then appeared out of the mist but he was made of energy and he told me not to worry relax and calm down, then he shook my hand and walked right through me, then I realised something wasnt quite right. So I started to panic again then the exact same thing happend again, he appeared walked to me smiling telling me to relax shook my hand and walked right through me, this must have happened like 6-10 times it was frustrating.

Then all of a sudden I fell down this hole or something out of this misty place and was in this huge wide place and I could see loads of spirits/enegry things racing towards with what I assumed was grins and they all flew through me from every angle at the same time and it was as if I was having sex with them like loads at the same time and it felt amazing, then it was making me dizzy and was getting too much and it was as if I exploded, like theyd raped me till I exploded literally all my being then I fell down and was in this mush thing, it was like a mush of conciousness and I was part of it and I was connected to all these other people/things/conciousness's and I thought I shouldnt be here its not my time I dont want to die and then, I was told, I ran in the other room and was asking my friend who doesnt touch anything am I real am I alive he told me to sit down and relax, I lay on the floor thinking him and my other mate who was in my dream were the gatekeepers of death and told me to let go, then I was back in a simliar place to the big dome place, it was all oranges and yellows and patterns everywhere and so huge though it was like a huge tunnel and I was flying through it then I opened my eyes and I was lying on the floor like wtf??

It turned out my friend who I smoked it with had taken some himself and I had grabbed his arm at some point, though he cant remember being in my visions. Then a few days later I had a flashback of me and my friend in this orangey red room, both of us were made of energy and we were like that too each other this is real this is real, as if we werent on drugs we just happened to be in this place. Another more unsettling one was with this same friend, was from that same experience, and me and him were connected with all these other things and we were all having some form of sex with each other :shock: And another memory of that one was I was in a similar orangey room made of energy and there will like poles going from the floor to the ceiling with like little shoots coming out with faces screaming this is real yes remember this is real!

So in that experience I did meet my friend, on more than one occasion :shock: lol though wether that was really him or a manifestation of him for me to be able to cope I dont know, but the memory of in the room with him was so real, as was it all really.
.." a mush of consciousness .." ! I know that too ! Or it was ... a 'blob' trying to move in a digital world - did I belong here ?!
! .
It was like a blob and mush, and seem to wave and move and I was part of it but I was like no its not my time I dont want to die I shouldnt be here and left.
I think this is pretty important. If we CAN contact and communicate with other people on DMT, that's pretty damn profound! That proves there is an existing realm outside of what we commonly know.
Last journey I was in a very crowded place and when I asked if there were any other traveler a shock wave passed through the system. Enough for me to know to just let it rest for the remaining journey.

Not that its not allowed or something to meet other travelers but the shock that resulted... I still have to think good about its meaning.
SWIM asked me to post this here for him, I am quoting him here now:

"I found it very interesting to hear about these "blue people" that some have seen or encountered. I have personally encountered these entities in the past on one occasion. The closest thing I could find to represent them on google image search was this: http://www.angelfire.com/ny5/gina92249/BlueGhost.jpg ... although what I encountered had a much more human figure/shape, and none of the drapery as in that image. This experience was what made me turn away from a life of high-seeking defeatism, and was the first of two experiences that convinced me of the power of entheogens to enhance and stimulate spiritual experience.

I had spent approximately 1 week non-stop on both what I was told was "ecstasy" but now realize it was most likely something other then MDMA... during this time period I had also been ingesting large amounts of my prescribed medication for ADHD which was, at the time, Methylphenidate (one brand name of such is ritalin). I had also been eating very little and had not slept much, if at all (during this time period I lost 15 pounds). Throughout the same general time period I had experienced past-life recall on several occasions and had also entered at one point into what some refer to as "the void", although the experience, for me, was quite pleasurable rather then horrifying (this is likely due to the fact that just prior to this binge I had read a novel called The Stone Angel [ The Stone Angel ], which deals with an elderly woman experiencing the effects of dementia and coming to terms with her life and finally, accepting death). These instances aside, the most powerful experience occurred whilst I was at home, alone, under the influence of this mystery drug, "ecstacy". The experience began whilst I was talking to a friend via AIM on the computer, at first I was simply experiencing the base euphoria that had accompanied me for the entire week...my laptop was on a computer chair next to the edge of my bed and I would lean over the edge to use it...the first noticeable visual experience happened when i rolled over on my back to rest my arms which I had been leaning on. For a few moments, I simply laid down and experienced the flow of euphoric joy pass through my body, then I began to notice something interesting which was very aesthetically pleasing to me form on the walls...as it took its form, it became apparent that what was obviously some sort of star map had appeared on my wall, and when i looked around the room, the map covered all the walls...a few times I thought I could make out what seemed to be part of the Milky Way on the wall next to me. The transition between this state and what happened next is someone unclear to me but I remember that what could be referred to as portals or wormholes began to open in the walls, one moved around an area close to the ceiling corner and at times was in the ceiling corner, this portal allowed the entry of entities that, in their appearance, seemed dark and perhaps demonic, however, only one of the two entities I could make out elicited any negative emotion, and such emotion was slight, this entity was what some have referred to as "shadow people" which I had seen on previous occasions several years before when I was over-medicated (by my doctor) on Concerta (a form of methylphenidate) and was experiencing symptoms of an extreme mood disorder because of such, that is, bouts of severe depression, periods of elevated, hyperactive mood accompanied by paranoia...during those days, the "shadow people" brought great fear to me, but during this experience, only a slight negative emotion was felt, perhaps just a memory of more troublesome times in my life...also emanating from this portal were what I have since then referred to as schools of bat auras...to describe them more clearly, it appeared to be a number of small, black, moving entities, flowing around and following one another as one... this entity made me feel at ease and seemed to slightly increase my euphoria, at one point, I allowed this entity to fly through my body. After and during my encounters with these entities two other entities were located within my room (or wherever I was, seeing as the fully underlying physical reality was still there but what appeared to be some form of hyperspace was wrapping itself into it)... these two entities were the "blue people" or more specifically, what appeared to be see-through blue auras, almost like people made of blue glass with no clear face. One of these entities was a man and the other a young girl, who, judging by her height, was somewhere between 8 and 12. I did not have much physical or mental contact with the adult male, but I did reach out and touch the young girl, who was walking next to my bed, looking at her and holding her hand (as well as passing my hand through hers) brought an overwhelming sense of joy, love, and curiosity over me...I got the sense that the girl was feeling these very emotions and my experiencing them was some sort of empathic communication.

Nothing similar to this experience has ever really occurred again, despite at that time I had never knowingly done any true serotonin-psychedelic, and despite the fact that since then, I have ingested large amounts of LSD, Psilocybin, Cebil seeds, Yopo Seeds, DOC, and 2C-I. The only other extremely powerful experience I have had in the past was under the influence of 3 "tabs" of LSD.... my experience was what I refer to as a re-unification with the mind of the source of creation, that is, I felt a oneness with creation and an understanding that despite my ignorance, there are indeed solutions to all of the strife in the universe and that all ideas and concepts are, in fact, one... such was the second of my two experience which lead me to my interest in the spiritual use of entheogens and spiritual traditions surrounding their use."
Interesting insight here... perhaps the boundary between being a lone traveler attempting to communicate with the other and being a traveler attempting to communicate with other human travelers has to do with the state of today's world. In that past, no physically manifested universe/space existed as an interconnected whole of human experience or thought (which might have been a boundary to such communication in those times).... such is not the case in these days...we have now, available to us, the internet, the world wide web, or whatever you wish to call it. It is a mechanism for instantaneously communicating with other humans on a mental level. Perhaps the attempt to move from hyperspace to a more human-oriented communicative system forces one to attempt to enter the realm/soul/gaia of the human-created internet, and perhaps such is a step that is harmful to the traveler, given the state of the global consciousness at this time.....

Maybe we'll have to wait until December 2012 to be able to clearly and easily communicate with other travelers in hyperspace.
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