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memory hallucination

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Has anybody ever had what i call a 'memory hallucination': the "did i just see this?" sensation? The experience of remembering something of wich you know that it couldn't have happened. I have this sometimes with real high doses of psychedelics. I find it one of the most bizarre tricks, these substances are capable of and besides the 'stuck-in-a-loop', 'void' and 'derealization' experiences, this is one of the freakiest things that can happen.

The most common thing I have noticed is while watching a movie while riding the spice, and there is a paradoxical moment when I remember being involved somehow with the scene when it was filmed. It is a totally flabbergasting magic trick at the time, like absolutely fabricated memories are temporarily inserted. It is yet another example of the great trick, i suppose....
Yeah! I think I had this the other night, I tried explaining it to my brother but got lost in the explanation....
But I smoked spice, 2 mins in I took another hit and than the next thing I think I remember is being baseline but than all of a sudden I was hit with poison (felt real wierd like something was running flowing with my blood) than all my limbs got pulled to my chest and im sucked into my brain and popped back out like a seedling. and than I start seeing myself and go into myself and I didn't know if I was here or there.... this explanation isnt great, had to get it off my chest though (sorry) but yea, I think I had a memory hallucination :?:
The most peculiar example of this phenomenon for me was, when i met a girl and i was on acid. 2 seconds after i met her, i had very sharp memories of me having sex with her.:oops: And it felt as if it where very real memories.
Here's an example for you, which mentions one presumably false hallucinated memory, and one perfect visual recall of a true memory, both caused by salvinorin A, told to me by some SWIM:

A memory of the wheel of parallelity

4 units gin
1 bong hit of '40x 335mg standardised extract', salviastore.co.uk brand

September 2008


We were sitting at the table with Led Zepp 'Early Days' on the stereo. I had had a few gins and was about to go out with my friend S, but felt the need for the release of being mildly wasted on something, so I asked S if she would mind if I smoked a small amount of Salvia first. She was cool with that, so I got the bong out and loaded it with an estimated third of the amount I'd smoked during my last, spiritually divine Salvia trip because I was only looking for threshold effects this time. I smoked the lot in one long draw and held it in for a count of ten.

The Experience

As soon as it hit me, I just said 'Oh no'. My body started repeating itself to the right in perfect clarity and I had to keep snapping my head to the side to snap myself from the repetitions and prevent the effect from continuing to infinity and blocking my vision entirely. I laughed the nervous-skunk-laugh and said 'I did too much' then grabbed the Salvia, the bong and S's hand and pulled her into the bedroom. I was worried that I would be acting weirdly to her and would freak her out. I stuffed the Salvia away in a drawer both so that I wouldn't smoke any more and so that she would have to stay sober to look after me until I came down.

While fighting off the effect, I had a vivid memory that I believed at the time to be of something that happened to me the first time I took Salvia. I was certain that I was recalling an until-now completely forgotten memory of how my body had began repeating itself until all I could see was hundreds, thousands, millions of me all fitting together perfectly like an Escher and all repeating rotationally into infinity in a wheel. I remembered the terror of a complete destruction of all ego in realising that my existence was meaningless, that I was so un-unique in this horrific wheel of suffering in which I was so evidently not the me at the centre. Then as the wheel turned it became apparent that it was one of many inexplicably connected 3D cogs, and as these cogs turned I realised that I was soon to be crushed by another cog and feared the end of my existence as another me came closer and closer. This 'memory' wasn't happening in front of my eyes, but haunted my consciousness in graphic detail as if it had truly happpened before. I saw it at the time as an insight into the place where every me from every parallel universe is connected together in the infinite, horrific and meaningless suffering that is existence.

S held me and smiled and said 'How are you feeling?' so sweetly and I burrowed my head into her neck and closed my eyes. I opened them again and the effect returned, so I continued snapping my head to break free and closed my eyes every now and then to keep the 'memory' from actually happening again in reality. Then I started telling her about what was happening, still snapping my head away periodically to avoid the effect. After about ten minutes the effects had subdued and I felt securely in that which we call reality. I was left awestruck and humbled and pondered whether the memory had really happened. S told me that as soon as I had smoked the Salvia, I had started sweating and then jerking my head around like a chicken, presumably as I tried to break away from the repetitions.


I still have no idea whether this genuinely was a real memory from my previous trip, or merely a false one planted in my mind this time around. It is interesting that on the previous trip the drug had perfectly recalled across my eyelids the memory of a psychedelic video that I had previously watched. Whether Salvia recalled a forgotten memory, or implanted a visionary false one, I'll never know, but either way this is another reason why it inspires me with awe and wary respect.

I also remember reading an Erowid report once that you may be interested in, where someone complained that melatonin was making them mistake dream memories for real memories, which caused them to quit using it.
The experience of remembering something of wich you know that it couldn't have happened.

Yeah, this already happened to SWIM few times while tripping hard. He found that it was not really freaking but very weird indeed. SWIM still wonder if it is a real memory of something forgotten, or a 'fake' memory.
When SWIM was smoking salvia, he often get recollection of dreams memory. He is quite sure that it was indeed dreams he had but that were forgotten. With the help of salvia, theses dreams were recollected and 'felt' with the same intensity and vividness than a 'real' day event.
For the DMT-induced memory, the feeling is quite similar but the 'event' is obviously not a 'real' event nor a dream event. SWIM is pretty sure that it is a memory of events from previous DMT trips. Memory reactivated because the brain is in a similar state.
Did you heard about the booze-memory effect ? People remember things they did while under alcohol influence but only when they drink.

However, it is also possible that the feeling 'I already went there' is a hardcoded network in our brain and that it can be wrongly activated by a drug or by accident (theorie du 'déja-vu').
A friend has experienced this while in hyperspace. They said it was like recovering a repressed memory, but it didn't involve anything that exists in the normal spectrum of experience. But he was fighting the experience to begin with, and it could all be just that.
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