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Mescaline hcl purification confusion

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Hi nexian's!
swim is a bit confused about purification of mesc hcl.

in phlux re-x he said to disolve mesc in little anout of water and bomb it in aceton, then let settle and collect the Water/Aceton and evaporate to yield the clean mesc.

in drseltsam re-x he said to disolve mesc in water/aceton:40/60 and after its start to crystalize, put in freezer and let crystal grow, then Throw Away the solvent.

in dg tek same as DrSeltsam.

so swim is confused how can basicly same solvent can one time be mesc and the percipitate be throw away and other time solvent throw away and percipitate is the mesc??

swim just tried phlux re-x and now the mesc is less yellow but still yellow, but its taste much more bitter so its probebly working
Reading all the existing posts about mescaline re-x didn't make me feel confident doing re-x and not loosing much. And my trials and their results were not what I would wish and expect.
This led me to designing/using this

Works like a sharm! Pure white result.
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