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Mescaline & Kava Combination

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I recently took 100 mg Mescalin and five hours later once the strangeness had passed and I had broken through to the crystal palace of beautiful clear thought that good quality mescaline brings you too, I consumed 30 g of good quality noble Kava. Now, five hour so after consuming mescaline is usually a very bright eyed and alert time for me. This is the time in the experience that I find most closely resembled MDMA (although MDMA lacks the ‘wonder’ of Mescaline) as In that it’s very stimulating... Not this time, 20 minutes after drinking the kava I entered a space of TOTAL relaxation the effects of the kava were multiplied many times and the Mescalin became more visual with eyes closed (I am sensitive to Meacaline).

It was very synergistic and could be felt throughout the body. A very relaxed stoning of the muscles.

I highly recommend it! I think if you had any more Meacaline it may mask the kava, we will have to see!

Isnt kava a rather strong MAO-B Inhibitor ? At least thats how im interpreting this study :

Might wanna keep an eye on your blood pressure.

Your report makes me curious tho might try it myself one day.
I didn’t know Kava was a potent MAOB inhibitor. I also don’t know what that means in regards to mescaline. Do you think the way I dosed would be safe I.e 5 hours after the mescaline?

The extracted mescaline I consumed was extremely pure but I guess this is probably not a wise combination to use with cactus given whatever else might be floating around in the plant.

Thanks for enlightening me. I really like Kava, it’s initial good feeling and sociability enhancement and then it’s total relaxation, and the sleep! It’s so good! Although I do feel tired the day after, but that’s a nice part of te experience too I think.
Sounds interesting, quite a strong dose of kava though! Kava is very enjoyable but it is very short lasting which is one of its downsides I suppose.
Is that really a lot? The Borogu kava I use is estimated at 9% kavalactones. Even if my quick extraction methods released 70% of the kavalactones that’s still under 2grams. I’m pretty sure traditional use would far exceed that amount.
dude you get rocked on kava!

it can leave your adrenals depleted as well, you may want to consider adrenal support when kava ing at your level
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