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Mescaline + LSD trip report

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After a first experience with this combination, I feel the need to share this experience with others, as it has many rewards. 7:30 am: 5 drops of limonene mixed with a bit of lemonade to suppress nausea. 8 am: 5 more drops limonene + 100 mg mescaline in a bit of lemonade. It's a bit bitter, but easily manageable. 9 am: I feel the mescaline a bit. At this dosage level, it is very mild, but a nice boost in energy and heart opening. 10 am: 50 ug LSD.

11 am: Seems more like 100 ug LSD, but softer, nicer.
12:15 pm: Motivated to do some chores. Cleaning house a bit. Feels more like 150 ug LSD now.
3:25 pm: watched some comedy. Very immersive and fun. I do prefer this to LSD alone.
6:48 pm: Body feels super good still. Energy was good all day. Add a bit of cannabis.
11:30 pm: sleep. Wanted to sleep earlier, but stimulation was still there.

Next day: rested well and feel good the next day. There was much clarity in the experience up until cannabis was added. I preferred the clarity, at least until later when I wanted sleep more. Next experiment 100 mg mescaline + 100 ug LSD.

Summary: The small dose of mescaline greatly potentiated the LSD while adding a cozy blanket of warmth to the experience. This is probably my favorite combination I've experienced.
Follow up experience:

This time, after a good breakfast around 6:45 am, 5 drops limonene in a bit of lemonaide at 7:45 am, and another 5 drops with 125 mg of mescaline at 8:15 am. I could notice the mescaline about an hour later, but it alone was mild and comfortable. I could easily do chores, go about my day in the usual way. Zero nausea, as before.

Around 9:45 am, ~100-120 ug LSD. Got a phone call, and that went on for quite a while - nearly till 11:15 am. Conversation was good, but towards the end, it became a bit difficult to pay attention to topics that were less interesting. My mind began to wander.

By 11:45 AM, the effects really started building. At this point, it feels like the peak of 200-250 ug of LSD alone. 12:00 PM, Sitting outside in the sun feels amazing. Super euphoric. This is strong, in the most pleasant way possible.

12:40 PM, spent last 1/2 hour writhing in bliss. I wonder if this state, which is extreme euphoria and physical body pleasure is what Shulgin refers to as Gimel?

1:30 PM, Put blindfold on for a while. Zero activity behind closed eyelids, but plenty of visual activity with open eyes. This is pretty typical for me for LSD only as well, except for later in the experience with higher doses.

1:54 PM, 13 mg DMT. I've chosen a lower dose, since I've been having some really scary disintegration experiences lately. I wanted to see if it felt friendly. It initially felt ok, but as it went on, the visuals that were starting to build started becoming more disordered and dissolving away like I've seen before. I'd have to say DMT seems very dissociative to me after my hyperslap. I think it's time to take a longer break from it.

4:20 pm (no joke, and not on purpose), ~15-20 mg oral THC. I added a bit of limonene, myrcene, and caryophyllene as well.

Addition of the cannabis was nice and felt good, but it did take away from the clarity of the experience, however, by this time, I was ready for that.

I ended up going to sleep around 11 PM, and was still getting a fair amount of mental activity up until the point I fell asleep. Sleep came pretty easily and I slept better than I usually do after a night of psyches. Next morning I woke feeling well rested and clear.

A bit of mescaline really smooths out LSD and adds a depth to the experience that I'm grateful for.

Thank you for sharing that report. I really enjoyed the 2nd part. It brought back some good and fond memories and I agree that that combination is indeed very warm, pleasurable and comfortable to many a tripper, including myself.

I applaud your choice to take a break when needed and hope to see more from you on the delightful combo of Mescaline and LSD.

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