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Mescaline purification with FASA instead of FA(S)M

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Kash's Tek uses salting by fumaric acid methanol solution (not saturated) to precipitate mescaline fumarate from NPS (toluene).

Excess fumaric acid is left dissolved in the toluene/methanol mix and is decanted after the precipitation finishes.

But why not to use FASA instead? FASA would be simply added drop-wise in the toluene until no further precipitation happens.
All this is related to purification after the HCl crystals were dried and washed.

Is it because the Tek is simpler this way for most people?
Or because methanol may be easier to obtain than acetone?
Or because acetone is harder to get anhydrous?

In theory, FASA should lead to higher yield than FASM for the acetone is less polar than methanol and therefore less fumarate gets dissolved back in the solution. Furthermore, adding FASA drop-wise should reduce fumaric acid contamination.

Could someone confirm this, please?

Additional question: Would defatting the cactus tea with toluene help to avoid emulsion and/or improve purity?

Many thanks and I promise I will post the results 😉
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