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From Gamma ray - Land of the free

There are supersonic killers in the sky
Everything you do analyzed,
They control every step of our life

Well, this has gone to a high extreme
A dark path on the way
All there is a masquerade
termination waits

Oh, I've seen the faces of million wish about leaving here
Abandoned time and places of a world
Built out of fear

The mystery of fear is all so very clear

As we wish right now, for a miracle on earth
As our hearts cry out, for our voices to be heard

Let us fade away forever
In a never ending rain,
Til the sun will shine not for any pain

Will the gods fight for a way
change a part in the masterplan

The trumpet sound will soon be heard
As the mind awake yet dead
And then those will guide us
For the war that we will not take take

Oh, I've seen a million
Leaving right away from here
Abandoning all will and faith
in this world
Built out of fear

Its no mystery how fear is always here

What we need right now, is a calling here on earth
Let our metal cry out,so our voices can be heard
Let us walk true and hard
Let metal not in our hand
Let it always ring in our heart
From a path of pain
From this path of shame

The time should come for every one to see the sun and know we've won

Try to understand
Can you walk the road of life
Or a road in line

Those who dared have they really broke free?
Do you think that could even be?

Take a chance to live,
Youll get more chance to die,

Wishing for a chance to be free,
And end up wishing for fire from sky

Maybe another chance,
Befor the signal's gone
Befor the signal's gone
Befor the signal's gone
More from stashed lyrica a Metal

Metal from
Metal church , Exodus , Sanctuary , Grim Reaper

Break down these wall's of their error
Start a fire and throw all the hammers

fire the cannons one by one

Its clear to see that they're all going nowhere
blinding us fools to staring into space.

when the men on the chessboard
get up and tell you where to go

Tell'em a hookah smoking caterpillar
Has given you the call

Seize control
We will fight to end the control

somewhere there's a hidden door
There's an answer here we must explore.

this wretched life we lead.
With open arms meet catastrophe,
the valley of the damned cant you see

See the world burning, this aint no dream
Gods of war making time,
See the swords glisten in sunshine,

When they come to bring an end,
all of our folk
How this hell will you stand to defend.

The sword and the flame, the reflection of pain
We know it's not right,better stand and better unite

Better you fight
Better you find your right

Time has come for man to change
And free this earth from plague

Count the cost
See all we've lost

Our leaders have set the course
They Thank Their God no one dares to move

Dreaming to be free, yet its clear to see the damned eternity
they're pushing us easly as what so soon will be
Lyrica la Metal
Bruce dickinson , Crimson glory , Iron maiden , Judas priest

Wars of old religious fools and superstitious men
Has robbed us of our souls and minds
As the revolution's stepping closer
Here come the riders
As the wheel is running out of time

blackened tongues of lying leaders
With promises of promised lands
Teaching brothers to kill brother man
Poured out poison
From the flaming seas and molten sands

As the wheel of time is running out
Wont they push the wheel again

Gotta move, gotta move
Gotta move that wheel right 'round

They came on down to the pit
down here where the vipers spit
So long have they been you down here

wer'e all screaming ,as our eyes cry out but they are blind
can we fight them,are we like them
As our body's betray us
We Lay down and die

It's our choice what to do
From the trash of yesterday

Can we stand another day
Pay the ferry man, pay him somehow
There's only one place left
To return your soul to feel again

Look at our future
Take a look at our burning sky's

Silver clouds are crying only
for the pain she feels
so deep inside
somehow now enslaved her

Only nightmares are real
Confusion conceals the only reason

No one is safe from the poisonous plague
that was bread

The price that we'll pay for our lust
will take her life

Well, a good sun is pouring out her heart to every
living thing
And no one cares, but while she's there

Every day, a piece of her burn
Gone to give, never to return

So soon her body blasts the sky
trees are leaving into space

Now it's too late to talk of fate
To redeem from a song that brought an early fall
Earth shall live no more, justice will not right
For every place that's 'neath the falling sun
The age is over

The Blizzard goes on but still they must fly
They're closing in the fortress is near
it's standing high in the sky,

They make their way but maybe too late
They've got to try to save the day
They dared to go where no one would try
As the sun breaks, above the ground,
An old man stands on the hill.
As the ground warms, to the first rays of light
A birdsong shatters the still.

Has their wings turned to ashes to ashes another grave?
Lyrica ela Metalia

From Saint , Grim Reaper , Sanctuary , Metal church , Riot

The dragon beat the drum The end of time A nation to be won

The treaty's set, the missions clear

In the blackest night the signatures are done

White horse rider, with fire in his eye's

time has just begun at the wailing wall

Shining your light

Let nobody know where you are

Out into space

Armored with truth

We will fight for the lost

All systems go engines on standby

We are the one's that they fear

Not knowing what you will find

Leave all your fears behind

Armor up star pilots

The road that leads us to the way

Here we are

Never stepped astray

This road so narrow

Just waiting for the day

They will soon all see the way

Few steps into victory

Through the trials and pressures

Riding in the night

A beacon shines

Those that once were lost

can have victory too

Are beggar's really fools?

So are we all just fools

Lost and confused with hardened hearts

And don't know where to go

Can you say its possible not to follow darkness

Or maybe can you say to seek a bit of light in the dark

can you even choose to disobey

yet can you deny the truth today

We live and breath and walk amongst a world

Pirates have seized and claimed the land

fast talking, whelin dealers

Everywhere you go thieves and thugs

When we stand amidst the fray

It's hard to hear His voice at all

to be free a game to play

It ain't such a dream

If that's such a crime

Take him down alleys where the murders are done,

Send the Ripper on the run

His wrath of this evil will come

For some who will never see daylight

and no one seems to care

Gods of war making time

see them coming over swords Marching in line

This time they've got us surrounded

The sword and the flame, the reflection of pain

Maybe a last time to stand and defend

Can we see what we've lost

Try to shake the image into your mind

No matter what you say

In a darkened graveyard glows a light

I see it shine there every night

There's an answer here we must explore

No, dont you submit to reason.

Just watch the children pray

Save us God today

Come whatever may

We hold our fate and make the choice,

Can we not listen to that still small voice.

Are we just crazy, out of our minds?

Watch the children pray

Our lives wont go out without a sound

Keep chasing all your dreams

The sands of time are running out

Ya laugh and shout that you're insane

Reach for something higher

Let the thunder roar begin

Reach for something higher

Let the thunder roar begin

He is destruction
eternal devastation
who deceive the nations

So make a change, before it's too late

don't let it all begin

We cry and we sing

Of something evil lurking

Before seasons drag us down

The rite of being free

Will we ever live this dream that for so long has bled
Lyricca el de Metall
Iron Maiden ,Accept ,Crimson glory ,Saxon ,Judas priest,

The twilight callin', as the flames burst into sight

Nothing is larger than life

Hear no freedom, see no freedom, speak no freedom

All those sharks , Red bloody sharks

Worldwide corruption
seeping in
underneath your skin

It's a pandemic
Brain cell destruction
Brain cell abduction

No way to stop it now
as metal boils within

Fear there is no freedom, Scream for freedom, Speak only freedom

It once brought us all together
What can now set our spirits free ?

They know the weakness that we almost can not fight

As we scream into the web of silence
What is it that can help us now
... living just for the fight

Think of the happy human soul
Not enslaved by dull control
Left to dream and roam and play
Is it something that we dare to say

The moon and sun divided
only fool's now decide

The stain of freedom
Trading oil for blood

So they drive ... for those screams in the night
So they ride .... for a fire never ending
They will rise for the fight , you know that is their right

The world is turning, turning inside out
The world is burning, it's burning on somehow
But it's broken... it's burning... goin' up in flames!

Can we change the path we're on, somehow turn the tide
Smother the all consuming fire, before the world collides

This is the fire, started so long ago
We've kept the flame and the smoldering embers below
Deep in our hearts, our music defines our lives
We carry it on, finding a way to survive

So this is the way it must be
All inhibition set free ...
Into the fire we're hurled...

Millions of lives, brought together by common ground

So this is the way it must be , A fight aginst the world
Everybody’s got a line that they walk on
Defending some lie that they lye on

The future's knocking at the front door
It might be to late
for what lies in wait

There's many who tried
Crashed one by one to the ground
They didn't last and they died as they tried

We stand on this seashore and wonder
What madness

We stand on this seashore and wonder
failure discovery

The wreckage of heaven lies in the sand
Were lost and we never knew
Who we are or what we left behind
Living half-lives as were all blind

There are no secrets
Just a handfull of broken dreams

There are no secrets
Just a handfull of broken dreams

Unchain the colours before our eyes,
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