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Meta's Gummy's of Love and Fun. (MushiePatchKids)

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Rising Star
Haribo Gummy Bears
Gummy molds
Golden Grain alcohol
Jars with aluminum foil
Mushrooms (or weed works if you just want THC bears)
double boiler

Step 1: Make Mushie Alcohol. I usually will add golden grain and freeze for 2 days, then wrap the lid in aluminim foil with small holes so the alcohol escapes slowly and boil it (non flame heat source or you can cause a large fire) for 5-6 hours adding alcohol if needed.
Drain and keep alcohol. I see about a 20% loss using this method on effects.

Other method is an Herbal Infuser and it is awesome... it's meant to make weed alcohol and does a great job, but it works for mushrooms as well. I run 4 cycles of mighty long (16 hours) About a 10% loss compared to above.

Then you remove the plant material from the alcohol with a coffee filter.

Once you have the alcohol Put the gummies in a double boiler on low, you can add plain alcohol if you want to get it to turn into a goo faster. DO NOT TURN UP TOO HIGH, you can tell when the gummies start to caramelize and that isn't good, they get hard due to the sugar. (DO NOT USE HARIBO SUGAR FREE, see amazon reviews for why).

Put in the alcohol and stir for a while until they seem to be a little less consistant than they were when you started.

Use either the Gummy droppers or a spoon to start filling in the gummy molds.

Note: The less alcohol you have in them, the more they can stand up to a summer day. They do fine in the freezer, good in fridge. Not so good in 100 degree car.. :D

Enjoy Psychonauts.

~I met a Shaman.
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