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Meta's Mini Martha - Or Automated MonoTub [AutoTub]

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I am really lazy and after I had too good of results last year I decided a martha was no longer in the cards.. Though if you want to go big with the Martha, use WILY's older tech where he does Rye in poo substrate straight into a pan and load'er up.

The Martha would have the same CPAP but I used 2 connections in and 2 humidifiers hooked to 1 outlet setup so it would do the same thing we describe here, but for a whole rack that is covered in plastic. Usually made out of a "plastic greenhouse" you'd see at walmart or big lots.

Rye Berries
Jars (with lids for injection)
Gypsum (a lot more than you may be used to using)
Dehydrated Horse Manure
Large plastic tub
Drill and drillbits.
Pillowcase(for poo later)
Spores in a liquid format
Candy thermometer
Large pot
Pressure cooker
Heat and water proof silicone
Humidifier with a "blower" type nossle so you can connect the "cpap connector to it" for easy connection and reconnection.

Linking to the harder to find stuff:
[These two come with a mycodome setup]
You can use a room space heater too, but I think it's more dangerous.
2 - 5 Gallon buckets (home depot) [One with a Lid]
Aquarium heater

Cpap hose

2 Cpap connectors

Humidity controller

Step 1: make and create Rye grain jars.
Lids if you don't have them.

Step 2: Grain jar warming chamber.
Once you make the jars this is where the 2 buckets come in. You can drill a hole for the heater to go into the tub and seal it with water and heat proof seal).
You should be able to heat the water and have the top bucket rest right at the top of the water.
Then you put the jars in and cap it. This allows the jars to breath air, but not allowing in all the crud that may be in your apartment. It keeps the jars over 80 degrees. I've found they get covered in 2-3 weeks instead of 4-5 and it keeps the mold from creeping in since they move more quickly.

Step 3:

Now to put the tub together: (We will auto his mono after you complete these steps)

Step 4: After you take off the wax paper and are ready to flush.
Connect the CPAP hose to the humidifier, Put the Lizard humidity checker in the tub and snap it closed. Drill a hole in the top of the container and insert the cpap connector and seal with the same water and heat proof silicone you used for the buckets.

Connect the humidifier to the humidity side of the lizard auto device and enjoy..
It pushes air and humidity every 90 - 120 mins. I keep mine @ 95% humidity and refill it every 2=3 days.

The cpap hose cannot have a droop in it or it will collect water and clog the hose. I usually have the humidifier way higher or way lower so its a vertical climb.

--If this is still here it is not completed. May have to do this in stages.
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