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MHRB + SR Ayahuasca Experience w\ questions

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Hi all :)

So I wanted to try the 'traditional' ayahuasca but was limited to MHRB + Syrian Rue due to supply issues.

I simmered the MHRB thrice using a pretty standard tek; I used vinegar (despite taste warnings) and egg whites to remove tannin's. It was 10g shredded. I reduced it to around 100ml.

I boiled 4g of SR for an hour, blended the seeds, then boiled again for another hour before straining the liquid into a cup. Again, approx. 100ml.

A safe space was made, utilizing smudges, candles and incense.

At 6pm I drank the SR tea, at 6:15pm I drank the MHRB tea.

Approximately 7pm was when I began to feel the effects. I found myself talking to... myself- yet I was aware that it wasn't me. I felt like I was talking to a higher power. It became very emotional; the spirit spent a lot of time telling me what I needed to change about myself.

I didn't spend a lot of energy tracking the time, but I do know that the brunt of the effects lasted between 7pm - 10pm. During this time I would describe the trip as 'enlightening' and friendly- I got lots of advice from whomever was visiting me, and I felt a kinship with trees... I remember being told that "the most important thing about being a person is the ability to use our voice and control our actions- trees watch us and envy our ability to change the world as easily as we do... but we often waste this gift, and sometimes throw it away completely". I felt peace, and love, more than I have felt naturally in a very long time. There was a purge, and I felt like I was ridding myself of 'negativity'.

HOWEVER, there were very few visuals... there were some- when I closed my eyes I would see ants crawling all over the inside of my eyelids. My wooden floor also looked really trippy. But there were no interesting colours, I never 'went' anywhere, I didn't 'see' anyone \ anything.

I wondered if what I was feeling (extreme peace, high emotions, brutal self honesty etc.) may have been almost solely the SR providing MAOI inhibition? Can anyone who has taken Rue on its own provide any feedback on what it feels like with no DMT interaction?

My thoughts are that the MHRB may have been weak, or that perhaps I lost a lot of the actives in the egg white stage. If I had my time again (and I might!) I would skip tannin removal and keep as much of the sediment as possible... any thoughts?

Beside that, I had a wonderful first experience. My next journey will likely involve SR and Psilocybin... while I wait for my baby caapi's to come of age :)

Thanks for reading!
10g of MHRB should have had you completely floored

i would think that somewhere in the process most the actives were lost in my experience 150mg(equal to apprx 5g of MHRB) of spice is already putting me in a different world with little attachment to my body. 100mg seems to be a nice dose maybe 125mg but 10g would be up to 300mg of dmt content if my math is right
(300mg dmt with proper maoi inhibition is a lot way more than i would be comfortable with)

rue on its own can be quite the entheogen causing tracers and inner communication
my guess is this was mostly a rue experience

for the next time you make a brew i would suggest still decanting the sediment but skipping the egg white step

hopefully this helps answer some of your questions

Getting the "hang" of anahuasca teas can be tricky. When using root bark(mhrb or acrb), skip the egg white wash, decanting the supernatant off the sludge. There are "actives" in the sediment, but also more emetics.

Additionally, ensuring a potent RIMA(MAOI) effect is rather variable from person to person. I've had better luck using Rue or Cappi EXTRACTS. A bit easier to "dose" and one can err on the heavy side without extreme side effects(purge). For consistency this really does seem to be a major factor. With deep RIMA, even relatively low "doses" of light usually shine through.

Use of leaf carriers(Chacruna and Chaliponga) is well outlined by esteemed Nexian, tregar. I encourage study of his useful posts: Easy Ayahuasca - Ayahuasca - Welcome to the DMT-Nexus

Psilohuasca is typically a gimmie, as psilocybin/psilocin, don't require RIMA for activity. However, it sure can bring an added "potency" to the mix. Be careful!

MHRB: 3 gr wood gives me a trip already. 7 gr is my personal max and I see no reason to elevate that. Absolutely no reason, did I say that already?
I knew a pal who drank 10 gr mimo regulary, he HAD to stop after a while, he HAD to come down at half of that. He got into problems with those high doses. I know everybody differs, just saying.

Never compensate with more mhrb for a failing brewing style, you want as less rootbark in your system as possible.
Get brewing right and keep wood low. If you're new then 3 gr is my suggestion, its a potential 60mg of deems which is not low actually. Most aya cups in the jungle don't even have that, but they do have high caapi intensity in the mix though.

Awesome- thanks for the advice, friends.

Seems I must have lost ~95% of the actives somewhere along the lines. I know 10g was on the high side of dosing, but figured that I was going to lose SOME of the potency in tannin\sediment removal so I wasn't too worried. Seems I lost even more than I estimated :thumb_dow

I will likely try again with MHRB some day, omitting tannin removal and perhaps splitting the dose into a few cups. I can always drink more if it's too weak.

Thanks again for the valued input.
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