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Mid thunderstorm breakthrough (experienced vaped DMT user)

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Gone Fission
(mind)Set: great mood, eaten abour 0.5 g of marijuana on a firecracker 4 + hours earlier, and just finished a great meal of chicken, rice and green beans
(physical condition) Set: eyes closed laying on bed next to window
Setting (location):bedroom, bed, sound of thunderstorm
time of day: 4:40 pm
recent drug use: marijuana smoking and edible (one firecracker with 0.5 g marijuana)
last meal: (Time and type)

Gender: M
body weight: ~68
known sensitivities:
history of use:experienced vaporized DMT user


Substance(s): lowish purity (i.e. yellow) nn-DMT powder from MHRB
Dose(s): approx 20 mg
Method of administration: vaporized (pookie pipe), as an aside I am quite skilled with the pookie pipe and own a GVG. I am waiting for the glass pad to improve my GVG technique but I have great success with the pookie pipe.


Administration time: 4:40 pm
Duration: 10 minutes
First effects: 4:40 pm
Peak: 4:40-4:48 pm
Come down:4:48-4:51 pm

Intensity (overall): quite intense DMT breakthrough +3
Evaluation / notes:

Pleasantness: 4
Implesantness: 0
Visual Intensity: 4


Hangover: 0
Afterglow: 3


The rain was pouring intensely when I decided to smoalk. I inhaled the entire dose in one breath. I laid back and before I started to move I felt the vibrational headspace. I closed my eyes and exhaled and there was no immediate rush or fractallation. It was a slow start. I listened to the rain and it echoed in a fractally way, and then I was suddenly blasted. I moved through relatively dull colored tesselations and it was a confusing experience. I did encounter some entities briefly including a younger female-esque entity who offered me a gift of something which I didnt take. I started to become aware of my body as she was offering my this gift and the vision faded and she shrunk away. She was quite small relative to my actual body size (think pixie) as she was shrinking out of my conciousness. One great aspect was during the breakthrough/trip through hyperspace lightning broke and colored my eyelids which created an amazing visual effect and the sound was quite spectacular as well.

Overall I had a great experience, after being shut out on my last attempt likely due to a low dose.
Funny story - The first time I broke through it suddenly started raining heavily 5 minutes in and the new sound in hyperspace had me thinking WTF is that? Did I make it rain with my mind? Must have been an omen.
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