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Mimosa hostilis | Shredded

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Hello, all my estractions were made with mimosa powder BUT now I have to deal with 'shredded' material as it seems is very difficult to find powder in EU righ now.
I tried to make powder with a domestic mixer but it did not work, so I was wondering if I can use the shredded material as it is? I should expect a smaller yeld?
Loveall said:
Have you tried a coffee grinder?

If you can't powder it, you can try cybs max ion tek, it does a good job of breaking down the bark with the 3x freeze thaw, long acid treatment + use of NaOH.

I got this coffee bean grinder and use it for beans and dried peppers. It makes a VERY fine powder. It's cheap too.

Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, but like Loveall suggested with Cybs tek. Using an ATB tek is what you want to do with more vibrous MHRB, as the acid helps to extract the alkaloids better. And it generally ins't necessary to do that for powdered MHRB, although I still do it with vinegar and then salt as I'm straining the material into an erlenmeyer flask and using a magnetic stirrer. I could be doing that for no reason but we will have to see how my yield is.

Please correct me where needed if I'm wrong. Thank you.
I usually only use shredded MHRB that I run for some time in a coffee grinder (with blade, not burr). If you have the time I suggest that you let the bark rest in the lya solution for as long as you can. The strong base breaks down the bark and releases the DMT. After some weeks it's a soup and I don't think you can tell a difference to powdered and shredded anymore.
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