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Mimosa identification

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Dear Nexians,

A year ago I have bought on eBay the seeds that were listed as those of Mimosa Hostilis. Few weeks following the germination then 30cm seedlings got infested with the spider mites. I have heard that you could get rid of them by rosemary oil, however I didn't know it had to be diluted and sprayed my mimosa with pure rosemary essential oil. Needless to say that they burnt to crisp :p No, literally, they shed all the leaves and small branches and 30-40cm seedlings were reduced to nothing more but tiny thin sticks protruding from the soil.

I was very upset, however I decided to leave them. They stayed in this dormant state for the whole autumn and winter, until suddenly in early spring I saw tiny attempts to throw new leaves. I was so happy and in less than 3 months I ended up with seedlings that are now 1m long.

Thats where another concern struck me. They started to bloom and simple googling showed that flowers (and now seed pods) looked nothing like that of M. Hostilis.

Could you please help me identify the plant and tell me if its potency is any good at all?

Thank you!


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