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Mimosa in Mexico

Migrated topic.
I thought DMT-containing Mimosa grows futher south than Mexico?

If you do find some... please don't collect it from the wild.
sure dmt containing mimosa grows in mexico

and you can harvest it without hurting the plant, you just need a mature tree and to leave intact a significant portion of the roots.. Mimosa is a very tough plant, can survive many adversities
[quote='Coatl]I don't think DMT-containing Mimosa grows in Mexico.

If it does... please don't collect it from the wild.

it does and no, I'm not talking about from the wild. The bark is used as a salve for burn victims in Mexico and abroad. What I am speaking of are the markets in Mexico, where I have been told it is widely available. A lot of the non-commerically available Mimosa comes from that area. Hippy vacation spot.
[quote='Coatl]That means the locals are probably ripping up all the damn mimosa so the fucking hippys can get high :(

Or, as I said before, it is used as the base for the preparation of a salve for burn victims and (apparently) wikipedia also says it is used in tanning and dyes. All of your Mimosa comes from somewhere.

Somebody has to have had the volition to do this.
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