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Minds of Infinity, "Eyes of Infinity" New Album

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Hey guys, some of you may remember our first album awhile back, it was released on Ektoplazm in 2013, and I have been a member of the forum for years and talked to you guys about music and other awesome things...

Now up is the new album, Eyes of Infinity Eyes of Infinity, by Minds of Infinity

It streams on bandcamp, and will play straight through. Please check it out, and definetly share your thoughts/opinions/ideas. If you like it support us by sharing the music with your friends!



Thanks to my friends here, great people.

Minds of Infinity's second full length album, If the first self titled album was the first step on a seekers journey to explore consciousness and music, Eyes of Infinity is the beginning of the fulfillment of that quest reaching new levels on the journey encountering both light and darkness and contemplating the nature of reality and the mystical experience through music.
Psychedelic electronic music with a spiritual edge. For that moment that transcends what is thought possible and where oneness is realized. To be enjoyed.

Thank you so much for sharing BTO!

Stunning as usual, 'Aravialus' and 'Path of Heart' are my favorite!

:roll: :love:
Cognitive heart, thank you, Myself and a good friend are Minds of Infinity we made the album, thanks for checking it out.

Much love dao!
Eyes of infinity has been accepted onto Pandora radio, so look for us on there soon.
Or don't look and maybe it will suggest us for you!:twisted:
Hello nexians, i hope you are all well!

Just wanted to update, This album, Eyes of Infinity is now live on Pandora internet radio. Yep its on there, still in the early stages, there is no artwork or bio info up there but we are working on that. The music is up though,

and i would really appreciate it if some of you guys gave me some love and went to Pandora, and create a station based around Minds of Infinity, or thumbs up our songs on there, or like us as an artist on pandora, this will help increase our exposure on Pandora and also help the placement of Minds of Infinity with other similiar psychedelic/ish artists.

So check us out on Pandora, thanks lovely people

Edit: It should also be up on Itunes, google play, amazon etc. if thats how you get your music. It will be up in a few days there so show us some love there!
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