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mini vapahuasca test...wow!

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I made some rue tea tonight using a tiny bit more than two grams of rue seed..

After brewing the tea and putting the bulk of the tea in the refrigerator for a posible oral experiance later....

i used the left over spent rue and added some more water and boiled it again...
I got a little more actives from the spent rue ..and this i drank and waited 15 minutes then vaped some acacia..

I had some native american music playing and the come up from the spice was super smooth because of the rue tea!

The come up was unbelivably gentle and smooth!

I layed down in a darkened room music playing and i felt as if i were in heaven... i got many beautyfull closed eye visuals! and i even was able to get open eye visuals in total darkness!

as i stared open eyed into the dark with music playing the ..[gray darkness],.. started to swirl to the beat of the music and soon became a tunnel of constant movement!..and it also showing depth and demension as i stared into it.. i started to visualize hallways leading to diferent rooms!

It seamed that the swirling darkness had so many diferent shades and my emotions were painting a nice picture ..blending into all the visuals!

I never thought simple darkness could be so colorfull!:thumb_up:
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