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Missed you all

Migrated topic.

missed you all too

this is really the best forum imo.. many dedicated serious and nice people, and for sure loads of good info :)

thanks for bringing it back traveler
When the nexus was down I went to shroomery.org where The Traveler told people what was up.
Maybe we should always meet there if there's a problem with this site. Which I hope won't happen again of course :) But at least you will find me there if nexus is down :)
When something like that happens it makes you realize how addicted, and how much I actually go to this forum on a daily basis.

I missed you guys. I'm happy to see we're running again.
shroomery.org is very big and has lot of "not so clever" people, but also lot's of good people and lot's of information. I like it but don't go there very often. Mostly when I need info on growing shrooms.
shroomery has a lot more members, many of them young, some old
and a lot of them jaded. a bit of prick-waving too, not as bad as over at bluelight though.

i appreciate this forum the most because it lacks that, and rude/condescending people.
sometimes I may have my moments when I respond like a bit of a jerk (generally because these kids at shroomery get really silly about requests for their drug kicks..ex. datura, seroquel, etc.), but some people are just like that all the time :?
cynical bastards
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