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Missing images in threads

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Like most everyone I suppose, I often find that threads that purport to have images are actually just blank and text only. Obviously a lot of them are old (2010-ish) and its reasonable that some things changed here since then. Its a pity because obviously they add to the teaching exponentially, especially for the non-chemists who need some sort of reference to substitute for experience.

But recently I have noticed that in google image searches there are often images displayed, which link to the nexus and yet when the link is followed - nothing! The thread that comes up has that image nowhere.

one example: picture link

led to phlux's cactus prep thread but the thread itself has nothing (for me anyway - Chrome/Safari/Firefox/MacOSX). Am I getting something wrong or does google know something about the nexus I have yet to learn.

I recently had two columns of san pedro get snapped by a mate's truck and thought I'd replant the tips and process the rest, so I have recently been looking for phlux's tek photos and others' here but finding nothing - trying to find a nice clear extract tek from raw prep to powder.

Any way to resurrect pics from old threads, they sound so tantalising!
I got zucchini recipes when searching for that image 😁

Do you have a link to the thread with the missing picture?

By the way, I used to upload images to the chat. However, one day the chat image links stopped working. That means a lot of my older posts have missing images.

Now I just upload the image to the post itself.
I mourn so many great memes lost. :cry:

The issue with the blank images on the forum is that the images were hotlinked from other websites where they have long since disappeared. This is why now I always always always download the image and attach it to the post. I'd suggest you all do the same if you'd like your images to live on for posterity.

Since I've gotten the questions about Phlux's posts many many times. Allow me to explain. He linked his images from his photobucket back when they allowed hotlinking of images. They no longer allow hotlinking of images thus, they are no longer served up to the nexus threads.

However, all the images still exist on his photobucket. It's really quite a goldmine of entheogenic pr0n.

Loveall, this was the thread it linked me to: Preparing Cactus

But a bit later I actually found pretty much the same thread here.

Pity about all those photobucket images links lost, but thanks for that link dreamer. Maybe when hes bored sometime he'll caption them! Some amazing stuff there.

Did phlux ever post the pictorial he promised about his Cactus Extraction Tek? Can't seem to find that one here or anywhere else!
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