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mixing caapi extract into dmt wax...!

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I have a tiny bit acacia dmt wax on bottom of dish thats been there over a month...

It was left over on bottom of dish after i put most of the acacia spice into a tincture form in grain alcohol for storage...

Ive vaped some of the plain wax by it self and was good.. but it lacked the magic that a maoi would do to it..

Well knowing that the temp to release MAOIs from caapi is much higher than it takes to vape dmt i tryed a little experiment and it worked great!

my caapi is in a dark semi thick liquid form in grain alcohol..

I took a small dropper bottle containing a [crude redish brown caapi extract] that i boiled out with plain water many months ago evaporated down to a thick paste..

Then i took the caapi paste and desolved it into grain alcohol then stored the concentrated mixture in a small dropper bottle of grain alcohol for many months...

Since i only have the crude extract of caapi and no leaf to use i put 3 or 4 drops of the caapi concintrate on the acacia wax and mixed it up very well turning the wax collor a darker amber color..

Then i scooped a fat match head sized amount of the acacia wax and wipede it on top of some fine choreboy..

At this point the spice wax and the crude concintrated caapi extract was evenly mixed together..

Expecting the two molecules to release at diferent temps.. i aplied heat gently at first.. trying to vape the dmt first ... then planing to torch the left over caapi extract right after the dmt vaped...

But something unexpected hapened...!...It all seemed to release evenly?! I hit me like a mountain and i could clearly feel the caapi and the experiance was greatly inhanced and very visual!.. much more than plain DMT by itself could have ever done...

I did torch the chore boy at the end.. but most of the total effect had already hit me after i tryed to keep the flame back for the dmt..

I think booth molecules released the goods evenly because it was only a matchead of blended caapi acacia wax?..
I found this in an archive of an old issue of the "entheogen review"

A methylene chloride extraction of Phalaris arundinacea (described in Winter '93 and Spring '94ER) was mixed 50:50 with Peganum harmala extract (described in Summer '93 ER) by soaking in ethanol on mint leaves. After evaporation, a one inhaltitia quantity of this was smoked. The experience was (as Gracie and Zarkov say): "qualitatively diffeener" than the Phalaris ex-
tract alone. The variety of Phalaris used in this experiment contained mostly 5-MeO-DMT, which is an extremely intense trip when smoked by itself. With the addition of the MAO-inhibiting harmala extract, the experience seems to be somewhat longer and considerably smoother, with
what can best be described as a "full body orgasm" as its predominant sensation. (It is my hypothesis that 5-MeO-DMT and DMT affect the chakras along the cerebro-spinal system.) Most people who've tried this combination prefer it to the Phalaris extract alone.

A variant of this "smokable ayahuasca," which was originally described by Gracie and Zarkov , in Notes From Underground #7, 1985, is to smoke about three inhalations of harmala extract prior to an inhalation of Phalaris. (The harmala is a surprisingly smooth and pleasant smoke. Its main effect is mildly tranquilizing, but not hallucinogenic.) In combination with Phalaris this seems to be stronger than the first method, though it still buffers the "alien" intensity of the 5-MeO- DMT alone. There's no doubt that the use of MAO inhibition with these tryptamines synergizes a "qualitatively different" experience: in my opinion, a much "friendlier" one.
— Gavilan

I failed to find any useful information regarding actual vaporization temperatures for harmala alkaloids, so decided to do my own experiment. It was pretty rough and probably not very accurate but seems promising and supports the observations stated here.

I sacrificed a small amount of harmine HCl and placed it in a piece of tinfoil shaped around a shot glass. The tinfoil was hung on a dowel rod. An infrared thermometer was used to monitor the temperature of the surface containing the harmine HCl. a small flame was ignited about 12" under the apparatus. The flame was slowly raised while monitoring the temperature. I noticed the harmine vaporizing at around 120C.

I assume that the actual temperature of vaporization was slightly higher as the thermometer was likely reading too large of an area and taking the average temperature of that area. But the stated vaporization point for DMT freebase is 150c. The 30 degree difference is way more than enough for a fudge factor in this case. I am fairly certain that the vaporization point for harmine HCl is below that of DMT freebase. I'm not sure where the idea of harmala alkaloids vaporizing at far higher temperatures than DMT came from, but I'm definitely putting it to question. My first assumption would be that it came from observations on rue seed or very rough extractions.

Now to be accurate in reporting, none of this vapor was inhaled so I have no idea if it was active. There will be more experimentation performed, but I would like to see what others find as well. That's how science works. :d Science makes me giddy with excitement.
Im not shure about ..harmine HCl?..but its been found that caapi leafe must be combusted to get full maoi effects for use with with dmt.. when first smoked 30 minutes before vaporizing the dmt...

Ive tryed to vaporize cappi leafe.. and only got very minor maoi effect...but when combusting the cappi leafe first...it released a strong maoi effect with the dmt...which would indicate a higher temp is needed for a maoi effect...

But if you have a fairly pure... harmine hci..it MAY vaporize better?.. than using a leafe or crude extraction of harmine?

I dont have anything that pure just a crude cappi extract.. and i dont care for syrian rue that much...

It did seem that my crude extract worked to some extent when mixed in the dmt wax...
From what I've read, I expected to see vapor released at a minimum of 350C. I just wanted to be able to document what the actual temperature was. Then I was going to convert to freebase and try again to see how much that lowered the temperature to release vapor. I was very surprised to see vapor released at 120C from the salt. I wanted to be able to do a two phase vaporhuasca at some point and just wanted to get everything straight and be confident in delivery. Now I'm considering mixing the two together as a sort of E-changa. The problem I see is that I suspect that DMT will have a higher affinity to bind with HCl, causing the harmine to go freebase and the DMT to salt up and not be available to vaporize.

I suspect that with the harmalas being bound by tannic acid from the vine or seeds, this causes the energy to release the molecule to be much higher, and I'm not sure what kind of experimentation has been done with freebase harmine.

As I have the time and when my medical conditions get sorted out, I will report my findings in the E-changa thread.
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