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mm maybe done sum bad

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i might have gotten a little sloppy today i did my first extraction i used about 800 ml total of naptha onto 1 lb of mhrb at aph of 14 or greater more likly greater i ran the entire 800 ml twice through the lb and it came out yellow but i was unfortunate and left a ltille black spot on the bottom it is now in the freezer how does this sound to you will i suffer from my mistakes
It can be saved dont worry... SWIM would take it out of the freezer and let it stay at room temperature again.. then SWIM would make a sodium carbonate wash (Add a tiny bit , less than a pinch of salt of sodium carbonate to maybe 100ml of water in a water bottle, pour the solvent together, mix and separate again. The black spot will stay in the water part and the naphtha will be clean, no caustic soda remains.

Or just proceed as usual, and do a recrystalization once SWIY gets the crystals.
depends on how large the black spot is, if not too big, it shouldnt make a huge difference. though it is so easy to clean, might as well.
lye vaporizes at such a high temp it usually wont end up in your mouth unless it pulls through in your pipe. depending on your smoking method, no lye would be in the vapor at all.

800 ml naptha is alot (though so is 1 lb mhrb) , if ya want, you can warm to room temp, decant the black spot out and reduce the naptha till it gets cloudy and then proceed to freeze precip

edit: as endlessness a sodium carb wash would work great as well to eat the black spot, and may remove other contams. SWIM has never tried sodium carb wash though but others have successfully.
hey just wanted to let u know cleaned up my naptha solution no black plant materials in there anymore letin it sit in the freezer for 24 hrs noticed clear solids forming along the bottom one was floating prety large actaully... umm along there sides small powdery crystalys are lining up let u guys know how it goes
The biggest mistake I see is using almost a L of naphtha for a lb of bark! You end up evaping most of your naphtha just to freeze precipitate. This is wasteful on your end and not so hot for our enviornment. Tone that naphtha use down my man!

a pH of 14 or greater??? Good lord. 12-13 is fine for a STB.

For a KILO I use a total of 300mL (in 100mL pulls) recycled as I crash out the spice. I never have to evap down a thing.

Getting a little base in your naphtha is no big deal, just let it warm back up and suck it out with a nasal aspirator, turkey baster, or other suckie type aparatus.
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