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So whoever told me that you can't experience first-time magic of MDMA for the second time ever again, was so wrong. :love:
I think all you need is a really long break, and then the right rave setting: great friends, great music and great party atmosphere. (and then do not diddle the dose, go for it)

I took Molly 3 times this year, after 3 year break from raving, all in the span of last 30 days.
What can I say? When you do it this way, I feel that it is a medicine for the soul.
That last party was something :love:

Now I am on break again, for at least a year, it is like a precious treat this way.
This is good to know!

I think I will try this and get back to you. :love:

Edit: A year break seems to have done the trick. :twisted:

This drug is fun but too tempting to do given the downsides. I like to have at least a day of downtime after... sort of like lsd.
Was it crystals or a pill? Back in the day we used to get some amazing pills. Then all of a sudden you'd find nothing but raw molly.

Never had a bad experience with this fine lady and I absolutely concur with your rule of long moderation.
Nah, pure crystal, I tend to avoid pills and stockpile Molly in advance when she comes into the contact :)
There seems to be a wide variety of experiences with MDMA “loss of magic”. For three years straight I did it once every 3 months, but now I have done it a few times with a three year break in between each experience with a solid dose of high quality clean and tested MDMA crystal, and it just doesn’t do that for me now. It is still recognizable, but not anything approaching what it originally was for me. Others report using it relatively regularly for many, many years, without any great diminishment of effect. It varies.

In retrospect I wish I had made it a once a year thing so that I could experience it in greater intervals of where I’m at in life, but, I was also suffering a LOT more during that period of my life, and it was one of many things I was throwing at the wall hoping would help me. I am sure it contributed. I don’t mourn it overly much though. Intensive meditation practice, both while sober and while on classical psychedelics, gets me into far more desirable and transformative states than MDMA was able to yield. I mostly just wish I could do it with my romantic partner now. Ah well.
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