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Moments in psychedelia that don't warrant a full report.

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Anyone have any memorable moments that don't warrant a full trip report?

I've had quite a few. From having my jaw fall off and levitating all my organs out of my oral cavity to becoming Super Saiyan, complete with aura, lightning and muscles bulking up. These are only a few snippets of bizarre/awesome moments while tripping.
Sure, here's a few LSD moments:

- My friend pointed out I was chewing water while tripping LSD. :D

- The bass player for the band YES playing right at me for most of the show while tripping bawlz on LSD. Afterwards I told my buddies I'd been hallucinating it and they said "He WAS playing right at you because he could tell how high you were"! (Thanks Chris Squire, wherever you are)

- Taking LSD at Church Camp (Don't do that) and listening to a sermon delivered in some sort of Esperanto/Sanskrit garbledygook.
psilohuasca moments:
crossing the streets at 4 AM, as i blink a car approaches and hits me, and disintegrates into many colored living fractals until it disappears behind me.

shrooms + ketamine moment:
i was holing on my sofa in my room, facing the wall with a fake window, a week later i took something around 2 grams of mushrooms and ketamine while peaking, and laying down on the sofa, time started going reverse, at first slowly and when i reached a week ago, holing on this sofa (exact same mindset, i was holing when the sun was out and the shroom + ketamine trip was at night, however when time reversed i was seeing sunshine come in from the window behind me) and through the hole, i experienced a memory of when i was 7, joyful and undisturbed.

LSD moment:
on the peak of an acid trip, i was laying on my bed, then very naturally i sat up, started meditating as my second chakra unfolded and expanded into many-many million petaled lotus, and through the ovule formed the ovary and the stigma, flowering inside me, filled with bliss and pleasure (like cumming inside yourself, yeah).
Once on a nice pot of LSD flavored coffee [yum] my tripping buddy and I were on the beach at midnight. I saw something glowing blue about 20 feet away. My mate said 'look, something glowing blue' and he pointed right at it. It was a round grey volcanic rock the size of a tangerine that glows blue on acid. Both like 'wtf' we decided to see if we could find another glowy thing. We both indicated we saw one, both said this one was red, and both pointed at the same spot 30 feet away. It was a round grey volcanic rock the size of a small tangerine that glows red on acid. Very unusual to find volcanic rocks on that beach.
I got the red one :lol:
A few memorable open-eye DMT+LSD experiences:

-The best popcorn ceiling geometry ever... As I gazed up a sea of geometry appeared several feet bellow the ceiling. It was composed of many thin translucent layers like separated fluids but they were all folding into each other and the entire display gently rippled like waves on the ocean. As I watched, spiraling flat rainbow-colored ribbons began to slowly fall downward and fill the room. I watched these ribbons pass right in front of my eyes with incredible clarity. I felt like I could have reached out and passed my hands through them like they were smoke, though I didn't want to disturb them.

-My walls began vibrating and then fell away to expose another demention beneith. It was quite amazing to see because my real world was mixed with a dimension that didn't belong or make any sense here.

-Once I was surrounded by six or more aliens/entities in the room. I couldn't see them exactly but space was visually distorted around each of them. I could feel them and their curiosity in me. It was extremely awkward because it felt like I had called a meeting with no agenda and they were confused why they were there. We all just stood there looking at each other.
On ayahusca I once unintentionally smoked a filterless cigarette down to nothing without burning my fingers or lips. I have no idea how it happened but it just was gone.

And no I didn't drop it or lose it. We looked all around for a loose butt and found nothing.
LSD moments

- I fell back on the couch, but I never felt my body hit it. I just kept falling and falling. Infinity.
- spent hours looking for forest spirits (in the forest) in the dark. I could hear them but not see them. Elusive critters. :lol:
- twin pillars made of golden light, in my lounge room. Open eye vision.

DMT moments

- my teeth shattered and melted in my mouth, I could feel all the bits of broken tooth floating around in there. Was so real.
- textbook perfect 3D sacred geometry made of golden lines, pulsing in time with music. Closed eye vision
- a giant street parade full of colours, one of the floats was a massive cock and balls. Breakthrough vision.

Oh... so much moar, but won't keep going on
Northerner said:
- my teeth shattered and melted in my mouth, I could feel all the bits of broken tooth floating around in there. Was so real.
I recall sharing a similar experience shortly after joining the forum. Fun times.
On pharma/aya:
few occasions of 1000x better then best real orgasm that lasted like 2 real time hours and a hundreds of experience time hours, without erection/ejeculation though 😁
I don't have those anymore as of late, it was a typical at my beginning year. Maybe the result of more steering abilities?
Nowadays if I find myself in a less favorable experience layer lately, I re-tune somewhat in that sexual connection, the 'bad' tune is never able to hold against it. This might be a hint ;)

I realize many hard core traditionalists are against such a tuning that are sexually related, they say it scares the good-ones (whatever that may be) away. I've only thought the opposite. Again it is about tuning, not executing it. I felt the flesh and bone sexuality indeed is a poor 'channel' toward the most holy frequency of sexuality.

It was like a direct continuous connection to the orgasm realm, one that makes the sober flesh and bone approach toward orgasm look like a feebly attempt in comparison. And no, I had not a shortcoming regular sex life in the sober world.

I talked about that to a fellow aya dude later on, and he said to have not experienced it that way, but acknowledged extreme prolonged ecstasy though. The difference might be only a point of view, different angle of attack to same realm?
The first time i took LSD, i was in a cave with some people. One hour after having swallowed a blotter, the following conversation took place:

Me: When am i supposed to feel something?
Other guy: When did you take it?
Me: About one hour ago.
Other guy: Then you're supposed to feel it any minute now.

For some reason this seemed incredibly funny, and i started laughing realy hard.
So the guy asks "what's so funny?".
But there just was not realy something that jumped out as particularly funny...but still everything was just so funny. And that paradox made me laugh even harder.
So the guy asks again: "so if there's nothing funny, then why are you laughing so hard?"
So i said: "i don't know", wich was even funnier to me, at that time, then everything before.

So then the guy asks me: "are you sure you aren't feeling anything yet?".

Only then did it became clear to me that i was already tripping, and that the revelation of this great cosmic joke that i was experiencing, was part of the trip.

Now, this was the greatest joke ever to me, because the whole conversation and all the laughing was because i hadn't realised that i was already tripping, and therefore i had somehow become part of my own joke now.

This caused something like orgasmic laughing, up to the point where i could hardly laugh anymore...not because the fun had gone, but because my laugh-muscles where completely exhausted.

So, one reason for regular physical exercise folks: you last longer when you get stuck in the 'laughter-mode'.
Once I was at a festival and met a girl about my age and we decided to visit the art tent while on MDMA. The tent was full of trippy art and didn't have a ground sheet, just bare grass and tables. It was what was in the grass that messed with my head.

She pointed towards the back of the tent just before where it's owners sat, to ground. The grass? Nope. Was she seeing something I wasn't?
"Fireflies!" she said as I noticed the small red dots crawling all over the grass there. They were like tiny red LEDs moving in every direction. I know I saw them, I know she saw them, but I don't think the people in the back of the tent could see them. I tried to get a closer look on my hands and knees at these strange moving red lights in the grass. I gave up as I got closer to those people, who surely thought I was tripping balls. And was I?

I have never seen an insect that crawls through the grass and emits a red light that looks as bright as an LED or laser dot. There were hundreds of them. I don't think it was a fancy party laser as they usually make some sort of pattern and there was no such equipment to be seen. All I can think of was that the MDMA must have been partly MDA. I've tripped on MDMA before and all the MDMA I had ever taken at that point had come from the same place. MDA might explain the tripping, but does it explain the girl seeing the exact same thing and pointing it out to me? Did my mind change the colours? I've never even heard of red fireflies.

If it wasn't real how could she have seen it too ? Would she have also saw the dome of CRT TV static coming out of the grass in the fields like a giant mushroom ? Did she know about the neon green illuminated Marquardt beauty mask that spontaneously materialized on her face earlier? I guess I'll never know...
Miscellaneous and wild thoughts and scenarios tend to pop in my head when I am tripping. Here are some copied from an old tripping journal:

-"Even the dirtiest hippie can't resist a Klondike bar"

-"I just got back from wubbeland. I'm being serious now. It's like the 4D multiverse. Moments are bubbles called 'wubbles.' I'm like shaking now too. Wubbles are egg-shaped, floating around with a black-purplish background. Tap one for an experience. I also had a mysterious guide in the realm which I fail to remember exactly. Pretty normal though."

-"I would still love you if you were a flap of skin."

-"With my head upside down... their mouths were their big giant disgusting eyes with teeth, and it really demonstrated the importance of perspective"

-"TV programming: 'they're not programming the TV; they're programming you!'"
From Wikipedia:
This chemically produced light from the lower abdomen may be yellow, green, or pale red, with wavelengths from 510 to 670 nan
(Emphasis mine)

Seems like fireflies can produce red light, so perhaps it was fireflies you were seeing Orion.

Or maybe you were just high.:p
When I was on NoFap or a month and I took psychedelics and then I went to sleep that night I was in a hot sweat and I dreamed of a blue green ball in my heart area glowing and crackling with electricity, the power of the heart and I think throat maybe merged, then I levitated off my bed, but was too tired so I went back to my slumber before confirming it
LSD moment: telekinesis? Reaching towards a door handle, the handle moved downwards when my hand was a good foot (30cm) away from it. I pushed the door open and the handle sprung back up again. There was no-one on the other side of the door who could have pushed the handle down.

Mushrooms: leaning on a large mirror, I fell through to the other side and looked back at the room I was in as though the mirror was a window. I can't remember how (or if!) I got back...
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