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Most Physically comfortable psychedelic?

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I've always found that mushrooms really hurt my head and body when I'm in deep enough. A lot of nausea, headache, body aches, etc. I've also found LSD to be quite similar, with a lot of headache.

DMT has always been much more comfortable for some reason.

Are there any other *physically comfortable* psychedlics?
Unfortunately, this is different for each person. Many people find mushrooms uncomfortable, physically. I sometimes find them a bit uncomfortable as well. But i totally don't have that with LSD. And i personally find ayahuasca not in any way uncomfortable either, but many other people experience severe nausea with it.

I think oral cannabis is probably the most physically comfortable psychedelic for most people. And microdoses of it can help to fight many of the uncomfortable effects of classic hallucinogens. Cannabis is a vaso-and-broncholidator, while almost any other psychedelic is a vaso and often also a bronchoconstrictor.

Cannabis can hugely amplify the effects of classic hallucinogens though.
Harmala alkaloids also help. Even in small amounts. Coffee, tea and chocolate are helpfull as well.

Salvia is a totally different kind of substance. It is not physically uncomfortable like many psychedelics are. But whether it is to be considered comfy is highly subjective with this plant.
For me personally, LSD, Psilocin, DMT/Aya, they all have their uncomfortable moments, but if i had to choose, it'd come down probably between Psilohuasca and Ayahuasca. Also depends on dosage. Psilohuasca was probably the more easy going and relaxed of the two, no nausea or vomiting, no hardcore Adrenergic intensity like with the oral DMT, but even with DMT's intensity i think i do prefer oral DMT over Psilocin. DMT seems to feel the best, Psilocin is second best, didn't quite like LSD. So yeah DMT, aside from it's intensity and the nausea/vomiting of the Harmalas, feels the best for me personally, i do like how Psilocin feels more relaxed than DMT but i think i prefer DMT's sharpness over Psilocin's more relaxed nature. But Psilocin has been pretty gentle on me compared to DMT, DMT's intensity is a beast lol.

Plus with Aya/Psilohuasca, or really i would think any Psychedelic, one can add admixture plants or supplements or oils or whatever to their Psychedelic for some added benefits like possibly smoothing things out and relaxing things like Lemon Balm for example can with Aya/oral DMT, so there's room to improve upon things and add to things and alter things to your liking, customize things.
Sky Motion said:
I've always found that mushrooms really hurt my head and body when I'm in deep enough. A lot of nausea, headache, body aches, etc. I've also found LSD to be quite similar, with a lot of headache.

Maybe that's the message for you.
dreamer042 said:
The correct answer is 2C-B.

Thanks for playing everyone. 8)

Funny you say that it has a strong body load for me like a small village is trying to make a road network out of my veins.

Mescaline on the other hand makes me sing. I get occasional nausea with heavier doses like 800mg+ but nothing like the 'full' feeling I get everywhere on 2CB. I actually find DOB more comfortable than 2cb... maybe I'm weird.
5-MeO-MiPT has been the most comfortable psychedelic for me personally. Though it's quite elusive. Gentle waves and a slightly disassociated floaty bodily sensation. No surprises, no rough onset, nothing by way of hangover.
what an interesting thread, so lovely to see how differently everything affects each person.

For me, LSD would be very high up on the physical comfort scale; my body generally feels sparkly and excited (central nervous system activation?) and while I can get somewhat shivery, dressing cosy and keeping active keeps that at bay.

I also find mushrooms very comfortable; but then, what I think some people refer to as body load - that feeling of I've got to lie down right now please - I perceive as succumbing to a really pleasant floaty sort of tingly feeling. Very subtle.

A recent DMT experience suffused me with a feeling of peace and cosmic love so strong that it ameliorated physical symptoms of anxiety that I had been feeling before the trip.

Now that you mention it 2CB was also really lovely physically; been a while now but I do remember feeling wonderful and comfortable. I guess it looks like I just get very pleasant physical effects from psyches, lucky me...
I agree with soulfood, mescaline is so clear headed it's something I can take everyday. Though ketamine comes real close.

I once insufflated a purple 2-cb pill and had the most uncofortable experience of my life.
For me its LSD by a wide and unequivocal margin.
Pharmahuasca using refined alkaloids comes next if, and only if, you dont count nausea and the flavor as uncomfortable 😉
Next would be refined mescaline. It gives me essentially no nausea by itself or after harmine predose but it does give me faint arthritis lasting into the next morning after I finally sleep.
Next would be bark-tea style mimosahuasca, but it drops one notch lower if you get the 'bright idea' to heat a whopping big dose back up until the tannin dissolves and drink it hot :p
Next would be mushrooms. Theyre powerful medicine that I owe a lot too, they almost certainly changed my life for the better, but on the balance I always found them somewhat unpleasant.
Worst is cactus tea, for some reason cactus tea gives me arthritis all over my body no matter if I fast or not, prehydrate or not, etc. Doing just half a dose after harm(al)ine predose at least made it manageable.
[Technically the absolute worst was the time I passed out alone face down in a chloroform spill. I did get amazing blue and red visuals right before passing out, that was unexpected, but I probably nearly died and was sick and jaundiced for a week after and now live with the lingering notion that I'll some day die of liver cancer, so dont replicate it.]

I'm not sure about Salvia divinorum, all I really remember is panic, fear, and a female forest spirit :lol:
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