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Multiverse Hierarchical Metaphysical Setup?

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5 Dimensional Nick

"Full of multiversal flow!"
So.... we look at ourselves and others and see class/social problems aka hierarchical problems. Some look up, some look down some look both ways. Some wanna climb up, some wanna submerge themselves lower. Some get angry looking "up", some get militant looking "down". But what there is, is an infinite nested hierarchy. Everyone needs to know in this infinite multiverse there is karma within this infinite hierarchy. The most "highest" overlord, fascist dictator or even God or Goddess even have their "bosses", Gods, Goddesses etc. and are "inferior" to infinite souls. The most "lowest" person or caste or class of society is still "superior" to infinite souls. Don't worry this goes on forever and within it there is balance. I sit in the middle like a lynch-pinch from my perspective. But we are all our own rocks, and Gods and much much more. This has been a metaphysical musing from 5D. PEACE.

Maketh sense?
I love to entertain myself with an idea that every being with life (that mirrors the many stars, with a mind or brain perhaps), is its own universe / multiverse, and the interaction between the parallel universes is manifested or mirrored in these life bearers. There may be little, or a lot of overlapping, universes fighting for dominance, universes resonating, universes that will never touch each other, tunnels through universes... the limit is your imagination. We share common archetypes with every living thing, like singularities, entropy / complexity, self-realization even (if one is brave enough).

Hope my attempt is worthy of your intention :roll:
thats deep mate and I believe you are absolutely correct. I'm philosophically an idealist so there is no physical/external/objective world anyway just mental/internal/subjective. love the idea bro. again, deep.
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