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Mushroom ID

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I received an unlabeled spore print a month and a half ago that was supposed to be a psychoactive strain. I made a syringe from it and using the PF tek grew fruiting bodies. This is the first time I have cultivated mushrooms and I'm curious if anyone here can identify the strain or if it is even psychoactive? I don't plan on consuming any if I can't make a positive ID.


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Reminds me more of a Panaeolus than a p. Cubensis...though I really can not say.

Take a spore print. Do you have a microscope?

You grew this using PF-TEK method?

The fruiting bodies bruise more green than blue, I took a spore print today and the spores are definitely purple. I grew these using PF tek yes, I've attached some photos of the print under a dissecting microscope.


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(I used to find stropharia semiglobata that looked very similar to your sample...)

It's obviously a stropharia, I thought possibly Panaeolus at first, but now I'm fairly certain it's a stropharia...

It may even be a strange looking stropharia cubensis...but I can not say.

(I have experience collecting my local fungi, and I've grown cubes with pftek, I can take spore prints and do microscope work, but I'm not an expert by any means, it is interesting though, at least from my amateur-mycological viewpoint. I can't wait to hear from those more educated than myself...)

downwardsfromzero said:
It's a cube. Well done.

The greenish appearance of the bruising is due to the yellowish colour of the stem.

That's what looked odd, the stems are thick and are are an uncharacteristic dark brown color. there was no visible bruising on the cap or stipe. The caps seem campanulate, and are uncharacteristically bulbous, and while it looks like a cube, you must admit that it looks quite odd.

Do you have a picture of the blue bruising? Or any other pictures of these mushrooms?

It really looks like Stropharia coronilla, except these don't bruise blue, and have some other differing features...

downward is probably right, it's probably a cube. Though I'm curious as how you can be so certain just from the picture and information offered...

If anyone is still interested in debating what mushrooms these are here are a few more photos. This was one of the five mushrooms I have been able to harvest, I have observed no more pins so far.


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The humidity is hovering around 90% at 21 degrees centigrade, I mist at least once a day or more if I have the time.

Yes I did start with a print, then into a syringe using a glove box and now fruiting bodies. Thank you all for the encouragement, it makes me want to experiment with agar and bulk substrates.
I would line the bottom of my terraruim with water saturated perlite, the humidity gauge/thermometer would generally always read around 95-99%...

I have not grown mushrooms for years, but I have some spores, and everything else that's needed on hand, I'm thinking it might be a fun project...

2headsARE1 said:
Absolutely a cube! I think the lighting in the first picture kind of tinted things a bit. Great pics of the prints though! Some of the caps look a bit dry. What is the humidity? Are you misting?

I want to give you props again for your first grow. It sounds like you started with a print, and made a syringe. I think most people start with pre-made syringes. You must have good sterile technique, luck, and must have done the research.
My first grow was from a print, I made a syringe and used jars of wild bird seed which was mostly wheat. For comparison I made one PF cake and the fruits were much smaller than those from the grain jars.
I'm seriously considering a grow.

... it's been years since I have studied or grown fungi, and my botany activities have been reduced to a small collection of cacti, it's even been years since I have picked up a musical intrument...This was not intentional, chemistry consumes you, the hobby becomes an addiction, and eventually chemistry becomes your life. So, in an effort to expand out into other areas, and in an effort to become a better rounded individual, I've seriously considered a mushroom grow. (As well as other small ventures).

...This is the issue with clandestine activities like chemistry or mushroom cultivation, by means of necessity your forced to live a rather clandestine lifestyle, that is unless you want a lifestyle in prison you must blend in, dress nice, keep few associates, and worst of all you are prevented from discussing your deepest interests and work with just about everybody...is it worth it? In the end, yes, I feel the work you are doing transcends the sacrifices you are making...

A grow off would be an interesting event, it would be an opportunity to watch several grows progress simultaneously from start to finish, at which point the end products can be compared and the process discussed...

both of you had luck getting a grow started with the raw materials without agar, or a flowhood. :-D

That was pretty lucky although the print came from someone who absolutely knew what they were doing, and I used a home glovebox and lots of isopropanol. I think I double PCed the grain with a two day wait in between, to make sure the bacterial endospores were germinated.
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