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Mushroom SHE Weekend April 9/10!

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NOTE: I have changed the date for this suggested 'Shroom SHE from April 2/3 to April 9/10.

I am super-nervous suggesting this, as I've been having ambivalent mushroom issues for just a short while now, . . . about 15-16 months now, :p.

But there is this jar in my fridge with 5-6 grams of dried Cubenis in it. As my husband, Nemo Amicus said, "They taunt me every time I open the 'fridge."

Maybe it's time for me to face my little demons one last time or two (lemon tek?).

Terence McKenna was a big believer in and fan of mushrooms. Due to seizures he had difficulty with purges related to psychedelics but he did reveal in an Entheogen Review article (I'll post in the Hyperspace Tavern) called "Terence McKenna" speaks, that he had access to psilocyban near the end.

Anyway, April 3, 2011 marks the 11th anniversary of his death. Having said that I wonder if we might take the weekend after to celebrate that most incredible and eloquent life with mushrooms should the call strike. Many are at Breaking Convention this weekend and I need more time to nerve up. :p. Thus, I have changed this from April 2/3 to April 9/10.

I'm going to try to consume my first lemon tek (I don't have it yet and I don't have a dose figured out :p) on Saturday afternoon after taking care of some chores. Please feel free to join me, either in chat or in spirit or both. Since Nexians are all over the world, I thought I'd suggest the entire weekend.

If you want to participate and come to chat, be sure to update your substance icon to mushrooms. Hope to see you there.

Peace & Love
I wish I could join you, but the lads and ladies in my jar haven't fruited yet and my job leaves no weekend time for mushies.
However, I'll certainly tip my hat to Terence's memory, and to the possibility that mushrooms came from outer space.
Terence is my role model, ill will be commemorating his death maybe might do some changa or spice, wish i had some cubensis i would be down to join if i did.
I may have to join you in this. I've got a recent batch of dried golden teachers sitting in the fridge that are quite lovely. Hopefully the weather clears up a bit here by the weekend so I can take this commemoration outside.
Would love to, but I'll be at the convention during this weekend. I'll send some good vibes your way though Pan.
SWIM will attend the SHE, as SWIM has two big mushrooms weighing 7.5 grams (dried) that also have been taunting SWIM too.

Good energy to those who attend,

I'm attending.
But Pandora watch out for the lemon tek. Just be sure you don't over dose. I've heard it can be very intense. But a lot shorter trip.
I think I'll just go for the more traditional tea. 3gr. liberty caps :)
Yes, DMTripper is certainly right. For me, a proper lemon tek is 1.6-2x the strenght of regular mushrooms. So if you have decent mushrooms and want a 5g experience, i'd target more something in the 3g range....
due to circumstantial reasons I won't be joining despite my initial interest. Things are just too crazy for me at the moment to want to trip. will be thinking of you guys though. hope you find ... it ... out there... :)
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