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My Catcti Tribe

Migrated topic.
I know very little about the varieties I purchased, haha, the. Names called to me.
Is there a good database for the different genetics I might encounter?
A lot of that info is scattered throughout posts in other forums like the Corroboree (SAB) and the Shroomery. There also some vendors who compile data about the clones. Here's an example:

Right on! Thanks, maybe it'll save me some digging. Googling everything is so hit and miss, maybe I'll try including shroomery or Corroboree in my searches
Those seedlings that you just posted about have a lot clone names from plants that were introduced or at least popularized on the Corroboree, so that would be a good place to start. Best luck.
Besides commenting on the flesh coloring I'm not sure what youre referring to by glaucous colouring.

I'll update with more pics soon, I've added another set of sprouts to my box. I'm also hoping to try my hand at growing peyote soon too, I'm just hoping I'm actually getting williamsii seeds and not a look alike such as diffusa.
So my cacti (along with most of my green house at this point) have been moved outside, Yay! Hopefully they like the increase in light and don't burn, hopefully they like the rain this year too.


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hi :D
keeping your cacti at around 15C will help them remain dormant, however while dormant they would love direct sun to continue their other functions like fruiting and rooting etc
i guess your soil could use some large sand and basalt rock, otherwise you could mix that with 30% living soil from some producer where you are, or if you can't buy it creating living soil is a laid out job taking something like a 6 to 12 months, which you can mix with your main soil so the cacti actually thrive, and that has a sign, where your cacti grow in an almost tube like shape, no ribs
for artificial lighting using vegetative LED chips would be the best way for cacti, 5watt blue (420nm) LED chips and 5watt UV LED chips, so thats 300watts (60 chips) blue and 30watts (6 chips) blue for 65x65 cm, use quality spherical reflectors for the chips and not lenses
you can read up blackdogled website info about making leds so you can make proper leds for your cacti, the difference is that you only need those 2 chips
feed your cacti a aminoacid source, for example bioradicant from spain or something from general hydroponics,
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