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my dmt filter blankie :)

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One time I dosed up on approx 2g of some good shrooms. While watching tv I could start to feel the effects coming on. Stronger and stronger they came until I decided that it was time to smoke some DMT. I was in the right head space, happy, and peaceful. I went into my bedroom where I had to calm my self and prepare for the trip. All in all the trip was a blast and totally successful. When I came back down after having my very first good, loving, welcoming breakthrough I sat on my bed admiring the awesome fractals and machine type things with gears and an occasional face of an elf. During this time I grabbed my DMT filter t-shirt. It is a piece of t-shirt that I ripped off and used for a filter after a freeze precipitation. When I smelt it, still tripping, it was so beautiful smelling. Ever since every time I smell it I am reminded of the awesomeness of that moment and how happy I felt. I guess I consider it a good luck charm or something like that.
thats a cools story...i might even say heart warming :d

Not to shoot onto a different topic but why is "sponser" posting on your thread?!?

That aint right.

I dont see the sponser post when i'm writing (below the writing field).When i go back to the thread i see it's advertisement :?:
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