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My Expedition into the Realm of the Mysterious

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Hey Everyone.

As you can probably tell by my number of posts, I’m new to this community. In fact, I’m not only new to this community, but spice itself. I thought about giving an introduction on how I came to learn of spice or why I began to explore it, but to tell you the truth… I am more excited to share with you my experiences.

I’ve vaped spice about three times already. Using my Arizer Solo vaporiser. I read about vapes being bad for spice, but the lowest setting on my vape was at just about the temperature where the spice boiled. So I was fairly certain I was fine. I used marijuana to sandwich it in my stem to avoid having it leak into the device as well as lose some of it. Of course, this was also for me to soak up the marijuana with it.

So again I say, I vaped spice about three times already – but those times I didn’t break through all the way. At most, I saw this sort of acceleration gate of fractals getting faster and more complex, while a low humming sound was heard. I read a few experiences that other people had with the spice, so I assumed this is what they considered the gateway into another dimension. Just never seemed to break through it, though. Anyways, I won’t go into further detail about those experiences itself, because the one I’m about to tell you is pretty much that + so much more.

For this particular expedition, I was still using the same marijuana that I accumulated over the sessions. Well, actually I topped it off with weed again after the first session – but from then on, I used the same material. I figured the material would contain concentrated amounts of the spice. I also thought that because I vaped it a couple of times already that it would behave just like ashes. And if you haven’t heard about this before, apparently ashes act “neutral” to the experience – simply being a very well heating element that does not produce flame. I still consider it to be vaping.

This is the fourth session. I sandwiched a sizable amount of the spice between the marijuana. Now, I didn’t use a scale for any of the sessions even though I probably should have. I guess some people will scream at me saying I was lucky I came back from the expedition in one piece. But honestly, I think those first 3 sessions allowed me to understand what I needed to breakthrough into another dimension.

I mentally tried to prepare myself. Of course, you can never mentally prepare yourself for this, but I know it can help in setting the mood and environment of the experience. For the last three sessions, I progressively took more and more hits. Up to ten before I felt like I had enough. However, this session was different. I took the first hit: nothing yet. Second hit: nothing. Third: hmm…something. Then fourth: vrooooom. That was what I was looking for. I began to feel drowsy. But I knew I had to take more if I wanted to break through. Fifth hit: One more. Sixth: ALMOST. AND… Seventh: Except, I didn’t get to this point. Because after 3 seconds into my sixth hit, I felt like my soul was going to get catapulted right out of my body. I quickly turned off my vape and laid down.

Now, if this 4th session wasn’t a breakthrough, it felt close enough.​

The vroom noise from earlier evolved into a high pitched sound. All of a sudden, I began seeing fractals moving fast – getting more bright and articulate. They were moving around in a circular fashion. It kept raced around faster and faster. The noise got louder and louder, until the sound, and the whole visual space became distorted and “sublimated”. Melting. Things kept slowing down… and boom.

I swear time was almost a non-existent concept. The only reason it still applied was because I still could compare the slow moving fractals with the fast one, which gave me an idea of some level of depth in time. But other than that, I just felt like I was gone. Gone from the world I was in just a while ago. I wasn’t completely gone though. I found myself thinking about my body. Was I breathing? Was my heart beating? These questions kinda popped into my head every few “seconds” (again, I wouldn’t be able to tell). I knew this was common – or at least I think it was. So I said to myself, “it’s okay, it’s okay. Just let them take you. Just smile and open yourself up”. And as I continued saying that, I began to relax.

That’s when the fractals blossomed and flourished like crazy. The edges of these fractals had some sort of light pulse running through them and as it approached a point, it exploded in a small spark. This happened everywhere in my field of vision. Slowly, there were a few shapes that came into my vision from my peripheral vision. As the shapes came closer to the center, they became clearer. There were 3 or 4 in total. They morphed into a different shape every now and then. They were distinct and definitely looked like they were going against the normal set of fractals I saw. Curious, I kept looking at these shapes just trying to understand what they were and why they behaved differently than the rest of the fractals. Then it occurred to me – these must be the beings that people talked about.

And as if this thought somehow propagated through the vastness of this dimension, the beings seemed to spring to life more vividly. I swear they were smiling. They began moving on the outer edges of the fractals, each occupying different degrees of the circular bursting fractal. These beings then proceeded to “pull” the fractals away from the center, and at the same time I myself felt like I was being gently pulled along with it. They were definitely smiling this time. There was one who was located at the 2oclock position who smiled for sure. It was kinda separate from the others. He (I call it a he, because it felt like one, even though that’s probably not the most accurate way to call this being) kinda made his own set of fractals, while the other formed their own group and made their own elaborate set of fractals. Both the lone and group of beings were interesting.

At one point, the fractals they were seemingly controlling turned into some sort of…I can’t even describe the shape. It’s not complex, but it’s just a word I do not know. It was like a set of ocean waves, but instead falling straight down. Oh! Actually, it’s looks like a half-cut letter D. A series of those woven together in a circular fashion. It was so damn crazy amazing. I don’t know how I can describe it. How I wish I was a decent artist – maybe I could somehow draw even 10% of what I saw. Hm, maybe I should pick up drawing as a hobby…;).

As I progressed through this journey though, I began feeling paranoid. Because it felt like these beings wanted to play with me more. Things started to move a lot faster. It was a noticeable change. This made me panic a bit. But I just kept telling myself, “it’s okay”. That helped somewhat, but it still didn’t stop the beings from trying to pull me away. You know that scenario where there are a bunch of little children that want to play with you and they all start to tug at your shirt/pants in all directions? That’s how it felt like to me.

When I read about other people’s experiences with beings, I never knew what they were talking about. But now I do. They aren’t human, but they’re definitely sentient. They really had a distinctive shape, but it’s hard to describe what it was. I believe it was a mix of blob-like, with jagged edges at certain sections of the blob. I guess those were their appendages. I can’t remember exactly, but man it was interesting. You know, I think at one point I said to myself “holy shit, they are gods”

Nonetheless, I panicked a couple of times. And every time I did, I told myself it was okay. The result of that was that I felt I was being elevated into another “level” of this dimension. It felt like I was being lifted UP away from my body. But… it only lasted a short while. It was if I was too “heavy” for them to lift me. That’s when I thought to myself, “Hey, I must be too anxious about giving them control of my body. That’s probably why they can’t pull me away from my body. How can they when I am constantly thinking about the condition of my body?” I seriously tried not think about those things as hard as I could. At one point, I felt like I almost completely passed the threshold where I wouldn’t drop down into my body again, but alas I still ended up resisting too much.

I began to see the abstract fractals start to deconstruct. They began “unengineering” themselves. That’s the best I could explain it. They broke up – not necessarily into smaller pieces – but broke up away from their collective unit, slowly receding in a circular fashion. It sorta “unzoomed” out like that Goldeneye scope thing. Except it was way, way, way, wayyyy more complicated in design than that. It then started feeling like pieces of my soul were coming back together into my body. Like multiple images of me slowly coming back into one. I don’t think there were multiples of me though. It was more like…..my soul was spread out into the space around me, and then it began to form together again.

Technically, I probably was like multiple images. But they weren’t “duplicated” version of me in the sense I had three times the mass. It was just my atoms were spaced in specific ways so that when you transpose all of them on top of each other, each of those images filled each other’s gap. It happened a lot faster than this in the actual experience of course. Slowly, but surely, I was being let back into my soul. That’s when I thought – wow, I probably already was blasted through the tunnel from a lot earlier without fully realizing it. In retrospect, I think it may have been that specific time when things began to distort and subliminate until everything began to slow to a crawl. I’m not sure anymore. That’s something another expedition may allow me to realize
Anyways, here I was – being carefully guided back into my body by these beings. I swear they were like pilots, planners, and engineers all in one. The way they were accurately, yet swiftly and expertly doing so. Oh and I forgot to mention, as I was coming back to this world, the beings became more and more transparent. I also felt a cold spot on my chest which I guess can be considered the center. I was flowing with this energy. It was a very, interesting feeling to say the least. It felt like it was winding back into the world again. I opened my eyes and looked around. There were still leftover fractals, but it seemed to be dissipating along with the beings. Guess they’re preparing to leave, I thought. However, I felt another feeling.

I intuitively felt the sense to close my eyes again. So I did. And as soon as I did, I felt displaced from my body. I was looking at myself from a third perspective a few feet below and away from my body. I saw that my body was transparent, but my heart was glowing neon red. Now, the weird part is, even though I saw myself from a third perspective, I felt like I was in my body. In fact, I also began feeling like my heart was encaged in a clear crystal glass rectangle, just frozen in position in the middle of empty space. The rest of my limbs felt free but heavy, as if I was literally balancing my torso on something while the my limbs were dangling. Actually, that’s pretty much how it felt.

I had a sharp, hot pain on my tongue that emanated towards the center of my lower lip. My lips felt tingly and hot. I felt this before in my first two sessions so I wasn’t so shocked by this. I still wonder why I felt it though. I had a theory that maybe it was the marijuana that I used to sandwich the spice together that caused myself to feel this. In fact, I even suspect it may have been yet another reason why I couldn’t fully let go of my body. I think the god beings knew this, but was still trying to pull me up away from it. As if they were desperately trying to show me a world that marijuana could not show…

I was feeling pretty uneasy with this now, so I forcefully opened my eyes and laid up on my bed. I looked around and things were still fuzzy, but I kept breathing in and out until the patterns finally faded out of sight.

Then I got up off my bed, and turned on the lights.​

Sigh. I wish I could explain the experience a lot more, but there was so much to comprehend. It was just a frightening as it was amazing. Nonetheless, it was a humbling experience. I really want to try it without the marijuana now. I need to. And I must not panic or be scared.

“Let yourself go.”​

Hope you guys found this insightful… I wonder if anyone has felt the same thing as me. It has been said that no two experiences are alike, but there are definitely experiences that challenge that. Needless to say, you should not try to understand what these gods do, but respect and be amazed by what they’re capable of.

Oh, and this all happened within a time span of 10 minutes. ;-)​
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