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My experience with 5 Meo (toad medicine)

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Slow Down and Enjoy the journey
Hi all, thought I would share my first experience with 5 Meo toad medicine with you. I'm pretty new to this and in the past have tried DMT wHich has had opened me up to new realities.

My experience was definitely one that will stay with me forever.
I did it with Dr Gerry, he is a very kind person and we had a chat prior to the ceremony. He explained how the procedure starts but never gave me information on what would happen as every experience is different.
So I'm taken into a room with the smell of incents in the air and I lay day on a mattress on the floor.
I took the pipe and he lit it and said in hale. Then he said hold for 10 secs but I remember only counting to 3 and I was out of here.
I remember being in bliss and having a presence around me. A welcoming to the source. I could feel so many beings all coming to me it. There was so many, I could feel individuals coming to me.
There was the feeling of immense light and vibration.
It then felt like we were at the beginning of the universe and we were creating a new one. The power kept growing and more and more beings came.
The light became stronger and I could feel many beings at the same time. It felt like millions of souls were joining me.
It then felt like it was getting out of control and it was getting too much for me to handle. I literally felt that I was going to destroy the universe as it was becoming so Immense and powerful.
It's hard to describe the power but it was so strong, it felt like we were experimenting and it was getting out of control and and absolutely everything would come to an end.
All I remember is trying to contain this force as I did not want to destroy everything. At this point the thought of its too much power came to me.
I then felt on my hand a grill which happened to be in the room. I had shifted of the mattress and was near a wall. I then realised I was coming back which was some relief.
I then opened my eyes to see Dr Gerry smiling at me.
I was too weak and disorientated and after a few minutes Dr Gerry helped me up to another room to recuperate.
I had gone with my brother who I was so happy to see.
I had no energy to move and it took me around 40 minutes to be able to stand.
I could not wait to go home and sleep. When I got home I slept from around 4pm in the afternoon till morning.
The experience was amazing but it didn't end there.
Every day for two weeks I had reactivation. I could not go to work (I work some nights)
For the first 4 nights I could not sleep. I would dose off for 30 minutes and be awake for 30 minutes and then around 3 I would have a reactivation and be at the source again. At first it was great but then one night I could not tell what reality I was in. I was awake but everything around me was vibrating. This scared the shit of me and for 10 minutes I could not focus on anything. My wife to say the least was not impressed.
After that I would even have reactivation during the day during a nap.
Too be honest I wanted it to stop. I had no control of when it was going to happen.
The positive sides was it was like my body had reset. I could meditate with ease. I had no desires for alcohol, sugar and I could not eat the same portions of food as I could before. Literally after eating half a plate I was stuffed.
I felt more creative and went for walks, it felt great being around nature. Even after 4 months I still have not touched alcohol (I only drank socially)
I am more rational now and realise that this is just an experience and nothing that really mattered to me doesn't any more.
Looking back if I had been told about the reactivations I would have been less worried and enjoyed the experience after. It was important to let them pass. As each day went on they became less intense. Dreams were more vivid and meditation was easyier to get in too a relaxation state.
I searched everywhere for something about the reactivations but could not find any. If your going through it just let goooo. They will pass once the 5 meo is out your system. I've tried dmt before but this is on another level. I would not be in a rush to do again as the experience is still so strong within me.

Thanks for taking the time to read my experience and if it helps just one person going through the same after effects then I'll be happy.
Ahoi Lexter,

these "reactivations" or re-experiencings are pretty common after a decent dose of the toad medicine, especially while sleeping (dreaming). As the aftershocks of the experience diminish, so do the often reported "positive" changes in some fellows habits. Thus, regardless of the relief you might experience, that you are back to "normal", keep an eye on integration and the experience close to your heart and in your conscious memory.

To me, f.e. N,N-DMT has the property to offer the same "message" but with more "stuff" going on which can be little dstracting.

Lexter said:
..not be in a rush to do again as the experience is still so strong within me.
I can really resonate with this. To me, it is not a "fun-drug" to distract myself from boredom, this stuff is full power in your face. Keep the energy!

Welcome to the nexus, tseuq
Sounds excellent!

I have had these reactivations after high doeses of N,N,Dmt - waking up from a sleep and having my eyes darting everywhere creating that "shifting picture" effect, having that that familiar buzz in my head and also seeing everything have smoke trails immediately after waking up.
I remember waking briefly during the night being very aware that I was tripping hard in my sleep.
Quite a good feeling for me really.
Thanks for responses, a little knowledge can go along way when going through these experiences.
Although no one can tell you what your going to experience the after affects can be common.
My brother did the same as me and had a totally different experience without the long after affects.
I can only say be prepared as these medicines are life changing.
Hey Lexter, welcome to the Nexus. That sounds like an amazing experience. 5-MeO-DMT/Bufo really is some next level stuff in my view...I thought I was a pretty experienced psychonaut until I had my first breakthroughs last year. They were on a whole different level to anything I had experienced before, and I took more from those experiences than other psychedelic experiences. My first two experiences were also with Dr Gerry. There are definitely echoes of your experience in my past one's...that feeling of regressing to the Big Bang or Singularity at the genesis of the universe was also a facet of my experience.

Reactivations following a good dose of 5-MeO/Bufo are actually pretty common; in fact they seem to be experienced by the majority of people. I think facilitators like Dr Gerry should help prepare people better by discussing things like reactivations prior to the experience, in this way it will not come as such a shock for people. In my own case, I experienced some very vivid 5-MeOesque dreams, and a few times I found myself in a liminal state during the night between wake and dream in the expanded 5-MeO space. These reactivations do diminish in time though, although I still have the occasional 5-MeO flavoured dream. Personally, I'm sceptical it is the 5-MeO from one's original experience causing this directly...it has a very short half-life in the body. I think there are some downstream effects of it on your system, what with 5-MeO being an endogenous compound, and it seems like there is some kind of longer term bioenergetic tuning up following a release or breakthrough experience with the substance. I hear of quite a few reports of people detoxing following an experience. And time in nature is definitely good for grounding I think post experience.

I also agree this is not an experience you need to rush back to.

Onwards!! :thumb_up:
I had the craziest reactivation last night. Intense was the least I could say. I opened my eyes to see my hands doing a sequence which seemed to create energy within. It was strong and admittedly scared me.
My hands seem to tingle like it does when I'm im deep meditation and the smell of when I took 5meo came back.
Freaked me out!!
Lexter said:
... and the smell of when I took 5meo came back. Freaked me out!!

I often experience(d) the distinct smell of N,N-DMT in my mouth/throat. In the beginning I thought someone else is probably smoalking around me or I am close to the bong or the container but it also happened while I was on the bike or somewhere else. At first I thought of a small reactivation or something going on but now I guess, that the smell I experience from time to time comes from remaining deposits in my lungs.

I am quite interested, if others have similar experiences with the suddenly occuring smell and taste while in sober state.

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