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My experiment for a deeper experiance (double Breakthrough)

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Monday April 10th 8:23 AM

DMT Amount Unknown

Vaped With A SMOK ALIEN Mod and a Herakles Plus Sub-Ohm Tank (removed glass and top piece from tank)

Vaped At 150 Watts

80mg Vyvanse (legally prescribed)

No Sleep In Over 48 Hours At Time of Experiment

Conducted In Shower Completely Nude Under Warm Water

Conducted Listening To Absentee From Band Thank You Scientist

This is an in depth report of the biggest DMT break through I have ever been able to experience.
The reason I attempted this was simply because i have been experimenting with DMT lately, taking at least 3 trips
a day for about a week, and i have gotten so used to breaking through i wanted to push it even further. Many thing
may have played a role in this amazing experience i just had. I had run out of my sleep medication so i have not
slept in AT LEAST 48 hours. I took an 80mg Vyvanse (legally prescribed) and waited about an hour for the effects of the pill to be noticeable
to me before starting the experiment. In that hour I meditated and kept the phrase "the vape is in your hand just squeeze
it and inhale to see more" running through my head nonstop. The reason for this was I wanted to keep taking hits after I
broke through. I also decided on doing this nude while standing in the shower under comfortably warm water thinking it
would be the most comfort environment to try this. Lastly i chose the song Absentee because well i love the song and
it has always put me in a good mood while listening to it. I also set up my camera to document everything because I knew
that would be the only way to get an accurate description for what im writing.

I prepared my rig By covering my coils and cotton in DMT infused Ejuice then making a pile of DMT powder on top of that.

Once i was in the shower and ready i started by repeating my phrase in my head over and over. I then took my first hit and
held it in for about 30 seconds. the formiliar body high started to hit me and my surroundings started to get more depth.
I then took my second hit and held it for 30 seconds. At this point i pressed play on my music. I remember thinking "wow
that hit came on quick af". The song i had heard many times before sounded so differnt and i was getting the DMT pattern
visuals on everything around me. The steam from the warm water also looked like it was seperating and forming into dancing
strip like things. I also took a second to childishly dance around and sing a couple of lyrics. i then started saying my phrase
to myself and took my third hit and held it in as long as i could. I broke through. The farmiliar frequincy sound rang in my ears and i watched
as the walls around me stacked down into themselfs and i closed my eyes. I was then in a weird multi color "room" that had the
beautiful shapes i was kind of familiar with seeing. I then immediately forced myself to get the vape to my mouth and took
my Fourth hit and held it for what seemed to be an eternity. Shit started getting really intense and i was getting flashes
of many different things that i wont even try to explain because it would be impossible to do. (the next part i only know
happened after watching the video i took) As this was happening I some how took my fifth hit which i didnt hold more
than 10 seconds and my legs went wobbly and i fell to my knees. Now this is when shit went to a level I had never knew
was there. In what i can only describe as me running off some kind of instinct i dropped my head to the vape and took my
sixth and final hit and held it in for about 30 seconds. (i will now go back to the point of view of what i was feeling
and what i saw as i was tripping) I all of a sudden felt as if my whole body and soul was being sucked through a straw.
I opened my eyes and saw my shower walls stack back to normal in the exact reverse of how they stacked to go away. I then
heard a very low vibration type sound and the middle of the wall shattered away like glass. thats when I saw "her".
Through the hole where the wall had shattered appeared a stunning creature. She was humanoid but not human at all. Her
facial features were not solid but more of a free flowing shape type thing (if that makes any fucking sense). The only
thing that i can explain with ease was her eyes they were like diamonds but thats how she made you feel things. i looked
into them i felt a love i have never in my life felt. Then she made me feel the idea to close my eyes. I did and instead
of like when i normally close my eyes on DMT and see something crazy i was literally still staring at the same wall in my shower just in a different color scheme. Then she made me feel the idea to follow. i then moved through the hole but as i moved it was like everything went frame by frame unto i got in the hole completely. Thats when the fall started. I was falling through a purple crystal liquid but the sensation of falling was so real i actually screamed (i checked the video n i actually let out a scream) but the whole time i felt more love and more peace as i got lower until eventually i was floating over a massive amount of shadow like creatures way below me. i stared at them as they moved without moving. i heard them start to chant "no no no no" which slowly
faded as my super trip turned what i used to think was a break through. i opened my eyes to find myself face first resting on the floor of my shower. i then stood up and my trip started to fade quickly. my mind is completely fucking blown. but what blew my mind
even more was when i looked at the video n realized what i had thought had been hours was only about 16 minutes (from first hit to when i stood up)

Thanks for sharing your trip report, why the red color? I'm no mod but please mind your language a bit, nexus is a bit wary of street vocabulary.

I do wonder about those 6 hits. The 1 hitter is best approach but might call for another smoking device I'm afraid. A good 1 and you're unable to have a second one, as in not possible anymore whatever your plans are.
3 and + hits sounds a bit like something is off, 6 definitely imho.

With those 3 rips a day practice you may have found yourselves desensitized, it happens.

Godspeed with you...
a very close family member of mine died in a regular standing shower!!!
He fell down, blocking the sewer hole with body, so there could be a little level of water, and he lay down face downwards in that shallow water, fainted due a seizure episode he had more than once, a known issue at that time. He did not drown (no water in the lungs) but he simply could not breath, the automated subconscious breathing was not possible, so he actually choked by lack of oxygen.
Just saying.
Sounds to me like you had your first full-on breakthrough. I'd really watch the shower thing, that's pretty dangerous.

I've found amphetamines to substantially increase my ability to control a trip. Basically weakening the effects of every hallucinogen I've ever taken. It makes it harder to break through, and just generally makes it harder for the substance to force itself on me as it chooses. It can cause a real false scene of security, that I believe you finally shattered. And the worst thing about them, you can't do aya.
Interesting experience,
But I agree the shower isn't an ideal setting, especially with an electronic device in your hand!
Sounds like a lot of hits before breakthrough. Losing all awareness in a shower definitely isn't the safest setting.
The amphetamine probably desensitized you to the magic.
Glad you're OK and had a good time!

You should get a scale- "unknown amount" is sometimes way too much!
Nice report though!😁
Seeing as everyone is concerned about the shower trip i will not be doing that anymore... I have broken through quicker off a water bong but I don't smoke so I only get to use those at friends houses... and as for the amount used I use a lot less on the vape than any other way yet reach the same results
that was an interesting read, I can only imagine what that must have been like, I suggest maybe next time not doing it in the shower as that could be dangerous, But anyway, Thanks for that report.
I might have met her... She is prevalent in a caapi based experience if you hit breakthrough levels of oral dosages. I spent 5 hours with her, she fixed a lot of my pain.

She can reveal all sorts of things, you just have to be there long enough to listen. I thought Id have to fight her for information, but it was like a Q and A session with the universe and it had 0 to hide.

Did you remember that feeling of Love? I asked her who she was.. she said, "Think of your mother holding you in her arms.. I am she." It's like i understood there was this feminine force and it took on many forms.

Then when I said what do people call you? she said that was something silly people do, that she needed no name.

Edit.. I was with a south american MD/Shaman at the time of my experience so I am not suggesting those levels alone by any means.
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