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my first 2 experiences on dmt

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he guys :)

this is my second post in the first one i commented on snuifbuis tek for dutch
asking why all my crystals evaporated when taken out of the fridge, got no response but that
doesnt matter its all good now , it worked i got myself some dmt :)

so i smoke it from a crack pipe and the first time i decided to keep the dose around 10-20 mg
so i lay down on my bed and took my first hit inhaled deep and kept it in as long as i could
now i have this wooden closet in front of my bed so i was looking at this and it started showing some shroomy looking movements distortions but really light so i thought should i do more after a few doubts i got up and with some effort lol put in almost the same amount of dmt and got back in bed.

so i take the second hit , and oh shit i am in Candyland :) i dont know how else to name it the closet whent crazy like a few layers of holograms started forming on it making things like faces and body outlines, it felt like the spirits from the trees were shwoing themselves or something like that lol

so i read that it would be even better closing my eyes , so i did
i was a bit causious of the whole thing because i read u could be confronted with your fears or actions by entities showing u stuff to learn , and well im a good guy but im an asshole to so i was
ready to get spanked :)

the whole view became like a fractal of what i can best describe as the designs on asian food packaging bright colors symbols i dont understand and all like shiny mettalic like very beautifull
in this i saw like a figure of a human body and it turned away from me , i was like oh shit its turning its back on me here we go...seems im also paranoid in hyperspace lol
then i opened my eyes for a second happy to learn i coudl still escape this inner world by openeing my eyes
then i closed my eyes again and flew threw this fractal world i started focusing on on point and i whent closer to it but it kept repeating itself like the mandelbrot thing but then i saw this shamen looking face peaking at me , it was like i was looking at him but at the same time he was looking at me , like we were on opposites sides of this hyperspace looking at eachother
then i flew some more and slowely got back opening my eyes getting back to reality

i was like omg this was intense ...but where are the fkng elves :)

the second time was just now , a bit more in the pipe hoping to breaktrough this time

it was same first hit a bit second hit Candyland and then i was like ok here we go the third hit
i was laughing because the pipe in my hand and the lighter were all candylandish to so i was like shit i can barely do this shit right now but i managed only to find out all the dmt was gone already
so i kept it on that level as before

this time i was staring at my wooding closet more and it seemed like there were these figures about to step out of the closet and approach me i saw one that was pretty shady and i was like nah thnx i dont want u to get out please :)
mostly it was mayan looking faces and female sensual bodies that formed in/on my closet very cool very interesting :)

i also closed my eyes again but only got the fractal candyland korean candybar wrapping scenery
dont get me wrong it was really impressive and i got a lot of inspiration for doing my design things
so i was impressed , but i was really hoping to go allin this time , and talk to some elves :)

got plenty around and no trouble making more so i will breaktrough , the question is when

hope this was fun for anybody to read , its so hard to describe this stuff and this is my first try dmt and my first try posting
I did not see the other post, but were you trying to freeze precipitate DMT free-base from Naphtha? And then asking why your crystals dissolved back into the naphtha after being removed from the freezer?


getting 10-20mgs out of a "crack-pipe" to do anything more than threshold effects would have to have had to be quite a feat...

Just out of curiosity, How are you smoking DMT from a "crack-pipe"? I can see it being possible, but can't imagine it being very efficient...
(A crack-pipe is a straight piece of glass with a shredded stainless steel or copper scouring pad packed into one end)

mmmmmmmmm.... Candyland!! :love:

Great report! Welcome to the nexus!


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i figured out the freezing thing no more evaporated dmt :)

haha yes candyland ...love the picture :)

i use this kinda pipe but i learned i shoud get the gvg

with the " crack " pipe i might have just wrongly called it that i did a layer of ash a bit dmt and another layer of ash and tried to keep the flame above it not on it
goddard said:

i use this kinda pipe but i learned i shoud get the gvg

with the " crack " pipe i might have just wrongly called it that i did a layer of ash a bit dmt and another layer of ash and tried to keep the flame above it not on it

Could not view your link.

I was simply curious, as I use a fairly unconventional pipe for DMT.

GVG is the most efficient way to go, if you really want to get the most out of every milligram, this is the way to do it.

(I bought a GVG because of this site, though I never use it, I mean it works great, but for whatever reason I still prefer my peace pipe, even with its inefficiencies. )

If you don't mind sacrificing some efficiency you can actually use some really interesting smoking utensils.

I use the pipe in the picture attached for DMT, I think the dichotomy between the war element of the battle hatchet, and the peace element of the peace pipe, perfectly symbolizes the Coincidentia oppositorum that drives all of earthy existance and that is greatly accentuated by the DMT flash itself...it's not very efficient though, and one must use some cannabis, or if one doesn't smoke cannabis mint or sage leaf as a screen, though an older gentlemen I knew would use whole peganum harmala seeds, so there is room to be creative...Though I don't mind using a good deal of DMT so these pipes will work, others would say that this is wasteful, and it might be, though from the experiance generated I can promise you, it doesn't feel like anything was wasted, a single inhalation from the peace pipe and your in hyperspace, usually before you can finish exhaling...

...any way, this is why I'm always curious about novel methods of smoking or vaping DMT.



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