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My first ayahuasca experience

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Greetings my fellow travelers. I recently embarked on my first ayahuasca experience and I'd like to share and get your thoughts. Let me also mention that I fasted for two days prior, ate a salad the day before with some rice and spinach and the day of ate absolutely nothing.

To begin, I prepared 25 grams of mimosa by boiling for a couple of hours on med flame and then boiling down the liquid. At this point I threw away the bark before realizing I had to repeat the process twice more. So I got another 25 grams and boiled it three times and made a fresh batch, this time boiling for only 30 minutes between batches until the water stayed clear.
I boiled it down to three cups and ate 5 grams of crushed rue then 30 minutes later drank one cup of mimosa (my wife drank the other cup and one was left just in case). So I would say the dosage was about 10 grams since I also used the extract from the first batch.

To be frank, I kind of expected more. Maybe it's my substantial past experience with other substances (it's been years but I use to to A LOT) or maybe it's the way I brewed it. Who knows. Next time I'll follow the instructions to the T though (pun intended hehehe).

So I put on some Pink Floyd (darkside of the moon) and have a black light going. As it kicked in I realized this wasn't going to cut it so I turned the blacklight off and put on "Noche De Ayahuasca", a CD I downloaded from Rhapsody. On the surround sound, this was it! The shamen seemed like he was everywhere and all around, the sounds were just enough to guide the trip but not enough to distract and the setting was perfect.

I felt nausea for about an hour but my wife only lasted about 10 minutes before purging. I felt a slight discomfort in my stomach but nothing overwhelming. Then suddenly... the purge.

It was VILE! The taste was terrible, even worse than it tasted going down! I vomited about three times and finally started to relax. At that point I felt completely at peace and it began.

The trip wasn't nearly as intense as I expected it to be. I had a lot of closed eyed visuals but they were all YELLOW and not very well defined. When I'd open my eyes, the visions were gone and the trip stopped. I should have put on a blind fold but I was expecting at least a little LSD style wall breathing or objects moving around.

I would describe this more like an opiate rather than a hallucinogen. It felt like a state of being in between awake and asleep. As I fell deeper into the trance I got more relaxed and layed down with a pillow and a blanket listening to the shamen on the surround sound. Then I saw this entity. It was a plant.. a leaf made up of pure energy. I felt like I was flying through space and leaving earths atmosphere. I could see the earth fading behind me as I approached the plant teacher. He asked "What would you like to ask me?" I said "I don't know. I had so many questions but I can't remember anything now". He said "ask what is in your heart". I said "What is the meaning of life?" His answer was simple. "To live". I asked "so you mean, I've gotten it right? Just enjoy life and live?" he said "yes" and then I flew towards another planet.

At this point I realized I could fly wherever I wanted. I got caught in this very uncofomrtable memory for a minute but managed to break myself away from it. Then I flew deeper into myself and I found my demons. There were 10 or 12, some blue, some red. I took out a sword and started cutting their heads off, freeing myself from them. Then suddenly, I saw the demon who's been following me my entire life. He was a fat, ugly and distorted version of myself, just sickening to look at. I cut his head off and then fell deeper into trance.

Here is the strange part. At this point I'm pretty sure I fell asleep because the music went silent and my wife said she heard me snoring at some point. I had this dream that I was leading this resistance against the rulers. But it wasn't noble. I was very well respected by the people I encountered but I was killing people mercilessly and unhonorably. I didn't understand what was going on. Innocent people who did nothing more than cross my path who weren't part of my "group". This is not who I am.

I am very active politically and I am indeed a leader in a sense against the New World Order and have people who look up to me and admire me. Hence I am posting with an alias rather than my name, which I post everywhere else with. I can't help but wonder what this dream was trying to tell me about myself or my efforts. I guess it's only a question I can answer for myself.

Overall I would say the experience was great but not exactly what I thought it would be. I will definitely do it again, and again and again because I know there are many more answers for me. I guess I'm disappointed about two things. #1 The trance was all closed eyed and was easily broken by opening my eyes and #2 I fell asleep.
It sounds like you didn`t get enough DMT. Double the dose of the same mimosa and you should see the twisting swirling snake like stuff on the regular walls and all around you, it`s so cool.
He's Obama!


Thankyou for the lovely report. Sounds like you got some good healing work done, and Im glad you had visions.
SWIM would like to direct you to b. caapi + virdis though, its more traditional and it may be easier on the stomach.
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