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My First Bridgesii

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Music is alive and in your soul. It can move you.
One month ago, my GF bought me two 12 inch Bridgesii cuttings for my birthday. I planted them in eight inch pots with a 1:1 mix of perlite and cactus potting soil. Today, I checked them for roots and much to my delight, they have both started to take root in their new homes! Once they get established, I hope to move them outside for the summer!



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I am in looove with the bridgesii. Even 6 inches of ye thickness is good good medicine power.
I mean you hear all these differing reports on mescaline content and how much mesc you need to feel it well...
but bridgesii has been class act in my experience, as a spirit ally, and raw somatic effects. Feels smooth in a way only plants manage
and it's potent!

I even got a package of seeds from misplant... going to be a good season :)

It's true what they say about cacti collecting being uh, self-reinforcing :twisted:
Take care Grateful One


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Hard to believe that was a month ago already TGO. Here's some of my creatures I Started from seed. (And to the bottom right is my catha edulis) 8)


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Awwww, I remember my first bridge. :love:

Check this out though, I learned something. This past winter, when they went to sleep I lined them all up against the wall. I didnt notice it until now but they could "sense" the wall and a few of them (especially the one in the corner) threw out roots. I guess they thought they had fallen over. Whoops.

So they now have fat roots coming out the side of them, which is no big deal but counter productive in the quest for scar free beautiful flawless big bridges.

I'm half tempted to lay a few on their sides and see what my pup return is. It's amazing man, they sensed a wall that they werent even touching. I've had people tell me plants cant feel because they dont have a nervous system, I'm not sure I buy into that theory.
Few of my Bridge (not the other pacha & peru) did the same thing and no wall was involved. The roots are on the side with less light (north in this case), especially if they are leaning to this side.
Right on Grateful One!

Happy belated birthday!
What a great gift, she definitely sounds like a keeper!

I wish I could grow cacti, it's just too cold and I can't afford growing equipment.
Sounds like they're off to a good start, best of luck.

Some nice looking cuts you have There!

Bridgesii is the only cactus I have grown so far. I started with a single cutting, and after two full growing seasons I have two pots now, one with the original cutting that has sprouted a total of 4 arms so far, two each year, and then the second pot has a cutting that was taken from the original cutting in the first pot. This will be the first full growing cycle for that seperate cutting, so hopefully we will see the same results with pup production.

I just stuck mine back outside and gave them their first watering of the year. Hopefully they are nice and happy out there in the sun!
Thanks for all the well wishes so far everybody!

Kerelsk and Yumi: Your cacti look lovely, thank you for sharing!

I plan to update this thread with time, sort of as a grow log. As the years pass and I take cuttings, it will be interesting to see how big my cacti collection gets!

After my last experience with Bridgesii, I knew it was time to try my hand at cacti cultivation. Building relationships with our plant allies is important and rewarding. So far, I've only grown mushrooms and (now) cacti but I hope to expand my garden someday!

It takes on a new level when you get to know the personalities of each one and start to get an idea of who to talk to based off their own individualism, and spirit.

What sorts of fertilizers is everyone getting their best results from?
Beautiful bridgessii's TGO! Congratulations on the new addition to the family :) The cacti have become my favorite plant to grow and know. Give them lots of love and light!
i would consider those two logs fully processed to be a single entheogenic dose

tea w cell lysing of course

they're also great plants to grow :)


Hey, thanks guys!

I checked the littler one's roots again, and they are starting to take off now (they were much smaller than the big one's roots when I checked the first time), so that is exciting. Nothing else to report except that they have received their first watering a few days ago.

Asher7 said:
What sorts of fertilizers is everyone getting their best results from?

So far, I've only used a 1:1 ratio of Miracle grow cactus potting soil and perlite, with no additional fertilizers besides whatever might be in the potting mix. The cacti seem to love it so far! Of course, I'm new to all this, but I plan to leave them as is and see how they do this summer!

They have now made it outside and seem to be loving the sun. Imagine that, right? :d

It was an uphill battle trying to get these outside though, because of the rain. Every time I put them outside, the forecast would change it seemed. But it looks like a stretch of sunny days are on the way now, so I won't have to keep running them in and out of the house. The spot on the deck gets a good amount of full sun and shade throughout the day and as you can see, there is some new growth showing on the tops.

The rocks are large natural river pebbles, the giant one being an exception. I don't remember where I found the big one... I put them in the pots mainly for aesthetics but also to help prevent wobbling when moving the pots around.


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I can empathize TGO. I've spent a lot of energy the last two Seasons moving plants in and out of doors, and these days I have about 40 pots to move. Oh, the things we do for love. :D Now if I can just get the rainshade/greenhouse finished.
Today, I welcomed a new addition to the bridge family! Since it is my first growing season, I don't want to take any cuttings from my already rooted cacti. For that reason, I got a nice and fat middle cutting this time. I am also curious to see what happens with a middle cut when it comes to sprouting new pups.

I hope I didn't plant it upside down. I located the V notches and made sure the point was facing down, towards the dirt. Here are a couple pics:

:love: :love:


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MasonJarBong said:
I like how you gave him a view of his bigger, established siblings, TGO :lol:

Here's to your continued successes!

😁 I figured I would give the new guy some inspiration to gaze at! My GF and I have been packing up and moving over the past month and while cleaning out one of the closets, I found a garden gnome! So he is out there too now, watching over them, hopefully scaring off any overly curious squirrels!

Thank you for the kind words!
I hope I didn't plant it upside down.
The 'tide lines' from growing also point downwards so, I can assure you, it's the right way up!

These things can take a fair amount of rain - so you don't have to worry about dragging them under cover for each and every shower.

Will you be looking into getting any monstrose specimens? They are a very rewarding form of bridgesii :thumb_up:
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