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My first Caapi + Chaliponga brew

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So, first post :) I created my first brew at the full moon and day after from:
- MAOI: Banisteriopsis Caapi Caupuri (Brazil) - 500gr
- DMT: Diplopterys Cabrerana - Chaliponga/Chagropanga (Peru) - 300gr

Boiled them both separately 3x3 hours with vinegar, used a small ritual with smudging and intentions, then reduced to 2x500ml

It is both very liquid and light in color, the taste of the caapi is quite ok, the chali tastes much worse. Tried it two nights ago in a ceremony with a few rituals, recorded icaros and medicine songs. 25 ml should be 25gr of caapi, 8,3ml chali should be 5gr.

- 0h - 25ml caapi
- 30m - 8.3 ml chali
- 1h - 25ml caapi
- 1h30m - 8.3 ml chali
- 2h - 25ml caapi
- 2h30m - 8.3 ml chali

I didn't feel a lot until after only 4h, and was closing the ceremony because I didn't feel anything. I ate a mandarin, then I had quite an intense, almost DMT like peak. The visuals were quite random, not really meaningful. Still had some personal insights on the come down, maybe to personal relations. The peak was intense, on the limit of enjoyable. No purge from the front, I had a purge from the back. I did have some auditory hallucinations, something I rarely have. Couldn't sleep until 11h after starting. Woke up last Last night I was still a bit trippy, which is ok, still some caapi like cev :)

Few questions:
- Can it be that the caapi is somewhat weak and that this caused the delayed onset? Can I try different proportions?
- I love to have a thicker consistency. I'd like to combine both brews and reduce it to maybe 10ml per dose for 25gr caapi + 5gt chali. Is that a good idea?
- The brew I'm used to drinking with a shaman (peru) is sweeter, thicker and darker brown. The caapi extract I have is too. Is it just about reducing it more, or can it be a different reason?
- It was very out there, quite light, to hyperspace, yet not very meaningful. The brew from my shaman is darker, much down to earth and more shamanic (e.g. meeting the mother as a woman, receiving power animals, the animals and eyes from the jungle, ...). Is this about the content? Or the ritual and method of how to brew it? Or more about the ceremony?

Many thanks for any feedback!! Love this forum btw, finally made it :) ❤️


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Could someone please move this to the Ayahuasca forum? I'd love to get some feedback on this :)
Congratulations on your first brew!

I encourage you to experiment more. I believe you had too little of caapi. When I use caapi, I boil 50 grams, once or twice, depending on how much time I have and drink it all. The effect of the caapi alone should be quite noticable though subtle. When you feel the effects of the MAOI just a little of DMT containing plant should do the magic. I usually take the DMT containing plant exactly one hour after the MAOI plant.

I find it psychologically good to wait for the harmala alkaloids to take effect and pay attention to how your mindstate becomes altered to get into the mood. The onset of the DMT can be quite rapid (10-15 minutes) when properly loaded with MAOI.
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