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My First Extractio

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I finally got around to doing an extraction, using max ion, I've only done 1 pull so far and I plan on letting my NPS for the 2nd pull sit in the mixture for a few days. I am very happy to say my first pull, using 50g MHRB, came out to 523mg of pure white crystals šŸ˜

This is far better than I had expected, and I thank cyb and CTM for the wonderfully wrote out tek. I gave it a couple tries last night, with appx 40mg each time. The first time was with the sandwich method using caapi leaves and the 2nd using the pile method with an ash bed. The first time I didn't breakthrough, it more or less just melted through the leaves but I got a nice threshold. The 2nd time I got really close, I saw the chrysanthamum but it wouldn't let me through so I decided to call it a night, out of fear of a hyperslap.

The 2nd time I accidentally burned it, and I hope I never burn it again! That was hands down the harshest and nastiest thing I've ever had the pleasure of inhaling!

Thank you guys for being here and being so awesome! I wouldn't have been able to pull this off without you guys! You're the best :love:

*EDIT* Ignore my stove stains, that splotch of yellow is on the stove not in the pan, and I've used every cleaner I can think of to remove them :p


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Right on man great job looks better than mine, I use the lazy man tek modified, I always get off white powder then re-x into darker yellow shards. My guess is the naphtha oxidizes it faster and coats the crystals with oxide before they can form.
Thanks, I'm super happy with it! Your guess would be better than mine lol, I'm still learning the chemistry side of it. It's just as important to me, if not more so, to know what's goin on in an extraction as it is to obtain the end product. I haven't looked into the lazy man tek much, max ion was the one that caught my eye.
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